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ecoSAFE's Disposable Diaper Analysis

The wonderful bloggers over at ecoSAFE conducted a variety of tests on greener disposable diapers.  I urge you to check out their diaper analysis.  A few months back, I did some pro/cons on greener disposable diapers.   I've reviewed a handful of disposable diapers, but I never did any of the extensive testing that ecoSAFE did.

For the tests, they shredded them, flooded them, tore them apart, and had the babies wear them and do their thing.  

You might be surprised to see how some of the diapers stacked up and how green even the diapers really are.  

Some interesting notes:

  • They did NOT test Huggies Pure & Natural, because in spite of their marketing, they're not particularly green.  They're not even chlorine-free.
  • Bambo Nature diapers were voted "most likely to succeed."  
  • BroodyChick diapers were voted "most likely to be reincarnated as dirt."  BroodyChick diapers are great and biodegradable, too!  Big fan.
  • They explain why chlorine in diapers is so bad:  "The main problem with chlorine bleaching {and the subsequent disposal of chlorine-bleached products} is a nasty little byproduct called dioxin. Dioxin is a highly persistent toxin, meaning that it stays around for a very long time {both inside your body and in the environment}. It can be inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through the skin. Dioxin has been shown to cause cancer amongst other very serious problems, both inside and outside the human body. Basically, it's one of the most toxic {and preventable} chemical catastrophes that exist on the planet."
  • They also explain the controversies behind super-absorbent polymers, or SAP, which is in most (or all) disposable diapers.  
  • There are also pictures included of the torn-apart diapers.

Read their entire diaper analysis to see how the different diapers stacked up.