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Eco-Friendly Patio Furniture

Ah, summertime. The sky is blue, the sun is shining and everyone is out and about enjoying the outdoors—which means lots of barbeques, pool parties and patio time. If you're planning to host any of the inevitable get-togethers, there's a chance you might want to update your outdoor entertaining space.

Sure the half-broken fold-out lawn chairs sufficed when you were a poor college student barely getting by, but now that you are an eco-friendly consumer you long for a bit more. If this sounds like you, there are a number of options available from which you can choose. Read on for a list of just some of the choices you have when furnishing your outdoor space.

Gaiam Outdoor

With numerous products made from recycled materials, Gaiam offers its customers lots of sustainable furniture and décor options. From glass wasp catchers to door mats made from old flip flops, the selection is far and wide—ensuring there is something for everyone.

Aside from their furniture selection, Gaiam also offers products that encourage gardening and composting—proving that sustainability is not just a style, it's a LIFEstyle.

West Elm

Produced with mother earth in mind, West Elm's line of eco-friendly outdoor furniture is made with organic, recycled materials through processes that are mindful of their overall carbon footprint. All of the wood used is FSC (forest stewardship council) certified, proving their commitment to giving their customers products that are both earth and consumer friendly. From umbrellas, to benches and chairs, it's likely you'll find something for your home here.

Not only are the products provided by sustainable, so are their shipping practices. Aware that the environmental impact doesn’t stop after the product is made, the company takes extra steps to ensure they are emitting fewer emissions all the way around. Around since 1998, the company prides itself on its selection ranging from lounges to gliders and various other accessories.

With all of these options, you're patio is sure to be summer-party ready in no time.


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