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Eat AND Drink Local: Finding Local Beer

Apparently I have imbibement on the brain, between my earlier post about wine and this one.  

If you're a beer lover trying to lower your carbon footprint, one way you can do so is by supporting your local breweries.  I know that Chimay is sooo good, but obviously beer brewed in your locale has a far lower carbon footprint than your favs shipped over from Belgium.

Here is a fantastic resource for finding breweries or learning which beers you see on menus and at the stores are actually brewed in your area:  The Brewer's Association National Directory.    Some breweries may also be pubs, others might give tours where you can taste beer.  (Yum!)

The amount of organic beers out there are still pretty low, but hopefully as time progresses there will be more available.  Meanwhile, going local with your beer can make an impact on the environment.