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Don't waste those Thanksgiving leftovers!

Previously, I wrote a post about how much energy is used on wasted food.   With the beginning of the holiday season arriving, it's hard not to end up with lots of leftovers.  The green thing to do is to make sure you use up those leftovers!   Wasted Food says:  Be Thankful, Not Wasteful!  

First, don't make more food than you don't need.  Here's a chart of how much food will feed how many guests.  

Second, try to give as much to your guests to take home as possible.  Put together little doggie bags for everyone so they can enjoy the leftovers as well.

Even so, you might still end up with leftovers.  After your green Thanksgiving, you may choose to stay home on Black Friday instead of braving the crowds while enjoying all of that leftover turkey, pumpkin pie, and sweet potatoes.   But by Saturday, you might be tired of the same old turkey and mashed potatoes.  Time to get creative!

  • Grub Street New York has some really yummy sounding ideas that you can use to cook up some of your leftovers in a different way.  (Spicy Swiss Potato Soup?  Yes, please!)
  • The Daily Green has a list of recipes, including a "Day After Thanksgiving Soup" which will incorporate plenty of your leftovers!
  • Planet Green has a recipe for turkey chili.  

Also, don't waste the turkey's carcass!  Make jook with it.  Jook (also known as congee) is a Chinese porridge.  My husband is half Chinese and making leftover turkey jook is now our tradition.  You can also make turkey stock with the carcass and freeze it for later consumption.  

Lastly, if you have anything that hasn't even been opened, you can donate it to a local food bank.  


An earlier version of this post originally appeared on Keen For Green on 11/24/10.