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8 Unusual Ways to Recycle Your Old Electronic Components

With the constant changes in technology, computer peripherals and electronic gadgets quickly become obsolete.  However, have you thought that the junk you bought such as old computers, keyboards, monitors, cassettes could be reused to make useful gadgets?  Here are 9 unusual ways of reusing old electronic junk rather than heaping them in the trash.  

Incandescent Bulb Flower Vase 

Upcycling LightbulbsIf you have migrated from incandescent to energy saving bulbs chances are that you have a few old bulbs lying at your place. Don’t throw them away, instead use them to build beautiful flower vases at your home or office. You only require removing the black part that contains the connectors with a sharp screw driver. Dip your choice of flowers and secure the bulb-vase with cello tape to any place in your home. 

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The Resistor Man Toy  

upcycling resistorsThe average person changes their mobile phone every year, and naturally may accumulate many different types of phone chargers. These electronics contain resistors and small circuit boards that house the components together. You can solder and combine the resistors to form a ‘resistor man’ to work as a kid’s toy. The head of the toy is comes from LED lights salvaged from the indicator part of the charger. The plastic container can then be used for making other DIY electronic gadgets such as torches with all the wires being put into use.

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Computer Keyboard Clock 

upcycling computer keyboardsWhat a coincidence that a computer keyboard contains functions keys from F1 to F12. These keys can be used to make the numbers found on your wall clock. The pads beneath the keyboard that press the circuit sheet to make a connection can decorate the clock even further. Just find an existing clock and stick the keyboard keys over the manufacturer writings. Another handy way of recycling that clutter in your home. 

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Motherboard Table 

upcycling motherboardsWhat household furniture is not complete without this amazing motherboard table. It is just a normal coffee table where multiple motherboards from old computers, camera, expansion cards, radios and TV circuit boards are affixed on top and the sides raised a bit to house an acrylic top that does not touch the motherboards directly. With this amazing geeky table, you will never completely lose that loved item forever but will gaze at it when taking meals and relaxing with your family.

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Mouse Toothbrush Holder 

upcycling computer mouseDon’t buy an expensive toothbrush holder anymore. The solution for this is right at your homestead or office. Take your old mouse and remove all the internal components, right and left mouse buttons. Then, find a way to affix a mouse on the bathroom or an area where you often go to brush your teeth. It is perfect and looks professional. Remember, mice are built with durable plastic due to the nature of their work. So, your new toothbrush holder is there to last. 

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 The Computer Monitor Pet Bed 

upcycling computer monitorYou and your pet maybe bored with the everyday beds you see at your local pet store. Ever thought about making the most of those old computer monitors? Just  take it to the nearest electricians and ask then to remove all the inner parts for you; motherboard and the oscilloscope tube. Don’t do it yourself to avoid electric shock; REMEMBER a fly back capacitor inside the monitor holds charge up to several months. Finally use your creative coloring to decorate and an old pullover for the bedding. Your pet will be the star of the show! 

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Fluorescent Tube Indoor Décor 

Fluorescent tubes, why not use several of them to make that indoor home décor? upcycling fluorescent tubes It is ideal when using a computer at night and you don’t want to disturb those near you when burning the late night work candle. Find two small round plastic pipes and then surround them with many tubes all over. Then light a power bulb inside them and stick them on a good stand taking advantage of the tubes connectors, there you have it, a beautiful indoor decor.

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Cell Phone Picture Frame 

It’s pretty user friendly to use old cell phone housings as picture frames to remember your favorite moments. Just get the ones with larger screens like smart phones. Reap off the inner parts and stick your picture on it but remember to support it with an old book cover. Phones contain small screws which are hard to open. Purchase a phone opening kit when undertaking the practice. You can find multiple phone housing to hold your pictures. 

Reusing and recycling ensures that old and obsolete electrical components do not endanger the world with harmful substances. It’s pretty easy to turn your old electronics junk into useful items and decoration without much efforts, resource or money, a double winner!


About the author:

Amie is passionate about electronics and technology, especially “green electronics."  She writes for sites like Premier Farnell element 14, and enjoys playing around with different  electronics products such as connectors and resistors.