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7 Tips for a Greener Kitchen

We're pleased to share a guest blog post written by Lacey Lybecker of A Greener Kitchen.  Lacey offers seven excellent tips for greening your kitchen.


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From choosing locally sourced ingredients to being energy efficient in the kitchen and using eco-friendly tools, every small step you take makes an impact on the planet. Being green doesn’t necessarily mean all or nothing, every action counts. Start by focusing on the heart of your home. Here are seven easy ways to be green in the kitchen:

1. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) – Bring your own eco-chic reusable bags to tote your groceries and skip the plastic produce bags by transporting your fruits and veggies in organic cotton reusable produce bags.

2. Eat Sustainably – Visit a farmers market to buy locally grown ingredients or test out that green thumb of yours and plant your own produce.
3. Pack Your Pantry Wisely – Buy dry goods in bulk; the less packaging the better! When it comes to produce and other perishable items, only buy what you know you will use.

4. Use Eco-Friendly Tools – You buy organic produce, minimize your water usage, and cook one-pot meals, but what about those deteriorating plastic storage containers you use for leftovers? Store food in glass containers or BPA-free recycled plastic storage containers and choose kitchen products that tread lightly on the planet.

5. Put a Lid On Your One Pot Meal! – Choose recipes that us only one pot or pan. The fewer burners you heat up, the less energy you use. Keeping that pot or pan covered aids in a shorter cooking time as the contents heat up faster.

6. Compost Food Waste – Use a stylish bucket and/or biodegradable food waste bags to collect food scraps; when full, add to your backyard compost bin or city yard waste container.

7. Use Your Dishwasher – No need to feel guilty washing your dishes in the dishwasher. As long as you only wash full loads, you can use up to 37% less water than washing by hand.

What green kitchen tips will you implement in your home? Do you have any green kitchen tips to add to the list?

reusable produce bags



What you choose to Re-use will spare the item as disposable & you will not even have to re-cycle it!

Agreed!  Cloth napkins, dish

Agreed!  Cloth napkins, dish towels instead of paper towels, etc.  

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