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5 Best Eco-friendly Smartphones

In 2010, The Australian declared smartphones as one of the major causes of the large volume of greenhouse pollutants. Fortunately, this old adage is about to be changed, since going green is the next big trend in mobile technology. As proven by, environmentally-friendly smartphone sales are predicted to reach almost $400 million before 2017 ends. What’s more surprising is that mobile manufacturers are doing their share, releasing TCO-certified sustainable devices.

That said, here are 5 of the green mobile phones on the market.

Samsung Intensity III

Verizon launched its first eco-friendly smartphone in 2012 -- the Samsung Intensity III. The sliding keyboard-styled device is made up of 80% recyclable materials, which is manufactured with an outstanding level of durability. In fact, the handset meets the Military Specifications 810F standard, allowing it to withstand shock absorption, solar radiation, and temperature.

The device comes with an eco-calculator app, allowing users to track and to record their own carbon footprint.




Apple iPhone 5

Citing a study from iFixit and, Apple Insider said the iPhone 5 has the least harmful chemicals, from the 36 devices tested.

While iPhone 5’s A6 processor is remarkably powerful, the emphasis is more on power efficiency. Combined with an energy power adapter, the gizmo has the ability to outperform the global standards for energy-efficiency. Also, the handset comes with an arsenic-free display glass, sparing it from inducing health threatening toxins.





Sony Xperia P

The Sony Xperia P was given the European Green Award by the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) in 2012. The selection body, which consisted of 50 technology magazines from 19 countries, has recognized Xperia P’s power consumption, and the fact that it’s made from nature-friendly materials.

Aside from having a dual-core processor and an 8-megapixel camera, the main attraction of the Xperia P is its White Magic Technology. Reducing 50% of emitted energy, this technology automatically adjusts the phone’s display, based from the current lighting condition. Meanwhile, the packaging of the device is made of sustainable materials, while accompanying it with an energy-efficient charger.





Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate

To keep its domination on the market, the company released the Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate in 2012, marking their first LTE eco-friendly handset.

The gizmo is the first eco-friendly UL Platinum 4G Smartphone, which is considered as the highest rank for LTE handsets. This is because the device was manufactured with 80% post-consumer waste material, and a low-load and energy-efficient charger.






LG Remarq

From the moment of its conception, the LG Remarq has been touted as one of the “greenest” phones, thanks to its Earth-friendly engineering. Similar to the Samsung Intensity III, the device also employs the slide style hardware, which reveals a full QWERTY keyboard designed for heavy SMS and Facebook updates.


As a whole, the phone is 87% recyclable, as the outer casing is made up of 19% post-consumer recycled plastic. It meets the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standards, which means the device is free of cadmium, lead, and mercury. It is powered by an Energy Star-qualified charger, which coincides with the high energy-efficiency standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Lastly, the packaging also lives up to its “green” purpose, featuring a brown paper exterior, while the pictures and texts on the box are printed using soy ink.

Indeed, going green is the new fashion on the mobile market. These five smartphones proved that we can still be in the forefront of the mobile technology pedestal, without the need to sacrifice and damage our own planet.

If we missed out on another cutting-edge and eco-friendly mobile phone, feel free to share them in the comments below.


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