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100% Recycled Hair Accessories

I was super excited when I went to replace on old, broken hair clip recently. I have a favorite product, Scunci claw clips, which I have been using for many years now. And to my surprise, they now make 100% recycled version of my product (and, the recycled version was about one third of the cost of similar non-recycled products) – whoopie!

…Except, a few things caught my attention. For one thing, they are still producing and selling their non-recycled products. Why not just drop the old models, and sell only the recycled ones? Furthermore, the recycled products were placed way at the bottom of the shelf by my feet. If I wasn’t short and was in a rush, there is no way I would have noticed or purchased the recycled product. Why not place these items where people might actually buy them? And lastly, when I began to do a little research for my KeenForGreen blog post, I found that nowhere on the Scunci website does it mention these 100% recycled products, even on their extensive lists of products. Huh? Wouldn’t you think they would try to promote these new products somehow?

While something is better than nothing, I must admit, I am disappointed. I am now on the search for a new brand of eco-friendly hair accessories. Any suggestions?