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Recycling Guide

Is Tissue Paper Recyclable?

Is tissue paper recyclable

Yes, tissue paper IS recyclable.

Tissue paper, used for wrapping presents and in gift bags, is recyclable. However, it has a lower fiber content than other kinds of paper, so it is more difficult to recycle and yields less recycled product than other papers.
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Are Soup Cans Recyclable?

are soup cans recyclable

Yes, soup cans ARE recyclable.... read more


Are Straws Recyclable?

 Are straws recyclable

Sometimes drinking straws are recyclable.... read more


Is Styrofoam Recyclable?

Can you recycle styrofoam,

Yes, contrary to popular belief, Styrofoam IS recyclable, just not through most curbside programs.  ... read more


Is Number 7 Plastic Recyclable?

Is plastic 7 recyclable

Sometimes number 7 plastics are recyclable.... read more

Is Number 4 Plastic Recyclable?

Is number 4 plastic recyclable             Is number 4 plastic recyclable

Yes, plastic number 4 IS recyclable.... read more


Is Number 2 Plastic Recyclable?

Is number 2 plastic recyclable           Is number 2 plastic recyclable

Yes, plastic #2 is recyclable.... read more