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Recycling Guide

Are Dry Clean Hangers & Metal Hangers Recyclable?

Metal hangers recyclable

Yes! Metal wire hangers (such as those you get from the dry cleaner) ARE recyclable. Because of their odd shape (the hooks get caught on recycling equipment) and low percentage of steel, they are more difficult to recycle than other things.  Some curbside pick-up programs accept metal hangers but often you will have to drop them off at a recycling center.  Check out to find out where you can drop them off and if your city collects them in weekly pick-ups. ... read more


Are Magazines Recyclable?


Recycle magazines

Yes! Magazines are 100% recyclable and accepted by many community utlity recycling programs. Usually you can just toss it in with your regular recycling.  Find out if your local curbside program collects magazines or where you can bring them at

Magazines are made from paper that is coated in kaolin clay and put through high pressure rollers. This process is called "supercalendering" and results in a buffed and glossy appearance.  Magazine paper can be recycled because the paper is not mixed with wax or other plastics. According to the Magazine Publishers of America, only 20 percent of magazines are recycled from the home, so start getting the word out to your friends. Recycled magazines can be found in cardboard, tissue paper, writing paper, and newspaper.... read more


Are Used Oil Containers Recyclable?

Oil container recycling

No, unfortunately used oil containers are NOT recyclable.... read more

Are Old Pots and Pans Recyclable?

Can you recycle pots and pans

Yes, old pots and pans ARE recyclable.... read more

Is Vinyl Recyclable?

can you recycle vinyl     is vinyl recyclable

Yes! Plastic vinyl IS recyclable.... read more

Are Dry Cleaning Bags Recyclable?

Are dry cleaning bags recyclable

Yes, dry cleaning bags ARE recyclable. ... read more


Are Plastic Bags Recyclable?

Are plastic bags recyclable

Yes, plastic bags ARE recyclable. ... read more


Are Packing Peanuts Recyclable?

Are packing peanuts recyclable

Yes, contrary to popular belief, packing peanuts ARE recyclable.... read more