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Is Number 6 Plastic Recyclable?

Is number 6 plastic recyclable              Is number 6 plastic recyclable

Yes, number 6 plastic IS recyclable, but it is more difficult to recycle than other plastics and not as many recycling centers accept it.  Visit to find out if your local curbside utility program accepts plastic number 6 (both in the form of styrofoam or as a hard plastic) or to find a recycling center for drop-off.

Plastic #6 (also known as polystyrene or PS) can be found in both a hard, brittle form or as a foam (styrofoam). It can be found in items ranging from toys, CD cases, VHS casings, building insulation, medical equipment, medicine bottles, disposable styrofoam cups/plates/bowls, hinged takeout containers ("clamshells"), packing peanuts and more. Recycled #6 plastic can be found in building insulation, plastic mouldings, egg shell cartons, expandable polystyrene foam (EPS), and more.