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Is Number 3 Plastic Recyclable?

Is number 3 plastic recyclable              Is number 3 plastic recyclable

Yes! Plastic number 3 IS recyclable, contrary to what many people believe. It is more difficult to recycle and is not always accepted by curbside recycling programs. Learn if your local utility accepts plastic #3 or find a recycling center nearby that processes it at

Plastic #3 is also called polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or vinyl. It is used to make some food wrap, bottles for cooking oil, plumbing pipes, plastic packaging for bedding, blister pack, window frames, and more. PVC is a tough plastic but it is not considered safe to cook food near it. Number 3 plastic contains phthalates, chemicals used to soften the plastic, which have been proven to interfere with hormonal development.

Avoiding using #3 plastic around food whenever possible. Never cook using food wrap, especially in a microwave oven.

... and spread the word that number 3 plastic is recyclable! Recycling PVC reduces toxins in the  air and use of chemicals needed to make brand new PVC significantly. Read about all of the benefits here.