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Is Laminated Paper Recyclable?

Is Laminated Paper Recyclable

No! Laminated paper is NOT recyclable. Therefore, it's important to use laminated paper sparingly and to re-use it as much as possible before discarding it. Paper and plastic cannot be recycled once mixed together because water is used to break down paper and heat is used to break down plastic. (The same thing goes for other mixed papers such as waxed paper and asceptic packaging) Before laminating anything, consider using a plastic sleeve/ sheet protector instead. This way you can take the paper out and recycle it once you are done and you can reuse the plastic sleeve.

What to do with your used laminated paper: Looking for some ideas on what to do with your leftover laminated paper? Used laminated paper makes great placemats or coasters. They also work well as dividers for binders and as homemade dry-erase boards. Get more ideas for upcycling laminated paper here.