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Are Ziploc Bags Recyclable?

are ziploc bags recyclable

Yes! Ziploc bags ARE recyclable (along with Hefty One Zip and other comparable zipper bags). While most curbside pick up programs do not accept most plastic bags, you can deposit them in bins at the grocery store for grocery bag recycling. (You can also put dry cleaning bags and other plastic sheeting in there). Find a location near you at by searching for places to recycle "plastic bags."

Ziploc bags are made from polyethylene plastic resin number 4, which is difficult to recycle mostly because of its light weight. They get tangled in complicated recycling equipment. They are simple to recycle but must be kept completely separate from materials generally included in curbside pick-up programs.

... and before you bring your stash of bags to the recycling center, make sure to reuse them as much as possible! Clean and dry them and give them as many go 'rounds as possible. When possible, opt for reusable containers that never need to be disposed of.

Learn more about ways to earn rewards from the Ziploc brand for recycling their products in the video below.