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Are Dry Clean Hangers & Metal Hangers Recyclable?

Metal hangers recyclable

Yes! Metal wire hangers (such as those you get from the dry cleaner) ARE recyclable. Because of their odd shape (the hooks get caught on recycling equipment) and low percentage of steel, they are more difficult to recycle than other things.  Some curbside pick-up programs accept metal hangers but often you will have to drop them off at a recycling center.  Check out to find out where you can drop them off and if your city collects them in weekly pick-ups. 

But wait! Before you trek down to the recycling center, check out these great ideas for reusing your wire metal hangers and upcycling into something brand new!

  1. Use a length of wire from a hanger as a snake to unclog "gunk" from stuck drains.
  2. Keep metal hangers for hanging clothes at your next garage sale.
  3.  Use a length of wire to press the emergency release on locked doors.
  4. Unlock locked car doors on older cars.
  5. Wrap two wire hangers together with yarn to make a padded hanger.
  6. Hang ties, belts, and scarves in your closet.
  7. Use wire hangers in small closets to fit in more clothes.
  8. Check out this extensive list of crafts for some rainy day metal hanger craft ideas with the kids.

Also, if you're not too crafty or don't have the time for these fun projects, try bringing them back next time you head to the store or cleaners where you received got them.  They might be glad to take them back! You can also try donating them to shelters, hospitals, schools for art projects, or offer them up for free on craigslist.