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Are Wine Glasses Recyclable?

Are wine glasses recyclable

Your old wine glasses PROBABLY are recyclable BUT should not be placed in your curbside bin. This is because there are most likely additives in the glass and it could contaminate other "food packaging" glass that is commonly accepted by municipal recycling programs. To find the best place to recycle your old/ broken wine glasses (and other non-food packaging glass) visit and search for centers where you can recycle "other glass" in your area. Learn more about the different types of additives put in glass and what this means for your recycling efforts here.

If your wine glasses are NOT broken, there is absolutely no reason to try to dispose of them. Simply donate them to a local thrift store or friend who will happily take them off your hand.


There are also some great ways to reuse or "upcycle" your broken, old wine glasses and other pieces of glass.

  1. Make a tea light candle holder.
  2. Make a cake plate.
  3. Make a bird feeder.
  4. Make a mosaic.