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Are VHS Tapes Recyclable?

are vhs tapes recyclable

Yes, old VHS videotapes ARE recyclable and you have a number of options as to how you choose to recycle them.

  1. For starters, you may want to try donating your videotapes to your local thrift store.  Many people still own and watch VHS tapes, and thrift stores often accept them.
  2. Missouri non-profit, Alternative Community Training, will collect your VHS tapes, resell the ones in good condition, and recycle the plastics on the rest. The organization provides jobs and job training for individuals with disabilities.
  3. GreenDisk will accepts old VHS video tapes and other "technotrash" for recycling fo a $6.95 fee.
  4. Offer them for free ("freecycle") on craigslist or similar sites. 
  5. Get crafty and crochet the actual tape into something new!
  6. Visit, and search for an E-Waste recycling center.  Call them to ask if they accept old VHS tapes.