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Are Straws Recyclable?

 Are straws recyclable

Sometimes drinking straws are recyclable.

You'll need to check with your city.  Most plastic drinking straws are made from plastic #2 or plastic #5.   The good news is that both plastic #2 and plastic #5 are both recyclable. Unfortunately, straws are almost never labelled as to which plastic they are made from. The best thing to do is to find out if your local recycling utility accepts both plastics number 2 and 5.  If they accept both you can place drinking straws in your curbside recycling bin. Some recycling programs will accept plastic #2 but not plastic #5 because it is more difficult to recycle.  

Find out what plastics your local utility accepts as well as local recycling drop-off centers at

There are also many ways to reuse straws around the house.  Here are a few upcycle ideas:

  1. Plastic beads for necklaces and jewelry (see video below)
  2. Hawaiin Flower Lei
  3. Hanging Mobile
  4. Puppets