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Are Mirrors Recyclable?

are mirrors recyclable

No, unfortunately mirrors are generally NOT recyclable. 

Mirrors, like windows, are made from chemically treated glass, and are very difficult to recycle.  A small portion of glass recycling centers will accept them, but it is recommended that you call in advance before your trek down with your haul.

So, what should you do with your old mirror? If it's not broken, donate it to a thrift shop (your junk is someone's gold!). Broken glass makes great crafts and decorations, especially mosaics. Check out craft ideas here or find an art studio, pottery studio, or art supply store that might want them. If you have larger quantities, the House of Glass provides a space for people to sell or exchange their used glass.

... and best of luck to you over the next 7 years. It's never fun to break a mirror!