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Are Milk Gallon Jugs Recyclable?

Milk gallon recycling           Milk gallon recycling

Yes! Plastic milk gallons are recyclable. Milk jugs are made from High Density Polyethelyne, otherwise known as HDPE or plastic #2. Most communities collect milk gallons and other #2 plastics in their curbside recycling pick up programs. Find out if your city does at along with a list of recycling centers near you where you can drop off your extra jugs. 

Also, check out this great list of ideas for reusing your milk jugs and upcycling them into something new.

  1. Use them as a seed starting container by cutting off the jug about 3 inches from the bottom and poking small holes in the bottom for water drainage. Fill with potting soil and some seeds.
  2. Poke holes in the bottom of the jug and use as a watering can for your garden plants and flowers.
  3. Cut into strips and use a permanent marker to make plant markers.
  4. Cut the bottom and part of the handle off and use as a scoop.
  5. Cut off the bottom of the jug, poke a hole at the top of the handle and thread heavy wire through into the soil and use as a protector of your plants from the hot sun or inclement weather.
  6. Cut the bottom off and use the top as a funnel.
  7. Cut out a hole opposite the handle and use to store your plastic bags.
  8. Cut a hole near the top and use to store your toilet brush.
  9. Use to store dry goods such as rice, coffee, and sugar.
  10. Cut a 1/4 inch slit near the top of the milk jug and use as a piggy bank. Decorate with paper, paint and other embellishments.