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Are Lottery Tickets Recyclable?

Can you recycle lottery tickets

Sometimes. Check the back of your lottery ticket - if there is a recycling symbol then go ahead and throw it in the recycling bin.  If there's no recycling symbol, take it one step further and rip the ticket in half. If you don't see layers of foil or plastic you can go ahead and recycle it as well. Most scratch-off lotto tickets are made of paper coated with foil and plastic and cannot be recycled.  A handful of states (such as Massachusetts) have collection programs for old lottery tickets to take care of their complicated recycling process.

What to do with your old lottery tickets? Lottery tickets make great bookmarks because of their size and thickness. I give them to my 3 year old who can always find a way to use them in art projects for collage or as pretend credit cards.

Artists Lauren Was and Adman Eckstrom turn used lotto tickets into art, such as the Hummer "Dream Car" made from $39,000 of lottery tickets.  Learn more about their projects in the video below!!