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Are Liquor Bottles Recyclable?

Are Liquor Bottles Recyclable

Yes, liquor bottles are recyclable.

Some municipal facilities allow liquor bottles to be placed in general recycling bins, while other states and counties require you to take them directly to a recycling center. States such as California, Maine, and Nebraska give a cash refund of 15-20 cents per bottle when you bring them directly to the recycling center.  Find out if your local curbside recycling program collects liquor bottles in their weekly pick up, if your state offers a cash rebate for liquor bottles, and where the nearest recycling center is at Earth911.Org/Recycling.

What else can you do with your used liquor bottles? Reuse or "upcycle" your used wine, gin, or vodka bottle. Make Tiki Torch lights for your next luau by inserting a coupling and wik (along with torch fuel) or make some mood lighting by filling the bottle with Christmas lights (see the video below!).   Get more ideas on reusing your liquor bottles here.