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Are Laptops Recyclable?

Are laptops recyclable

Many parts of your laptop computer are recyclable. A reputable e-waste (electronic waste) facility will recycle your lithium ion battery and the metal from the motherboard.  Depending on the type of plastic, the chassis (the outside cover) might be recyclable.  Apple and Dell only use recyclable plastic on the outside of their laptops, but other manufacturers are not as consistent.  If you have a metal or alloy cover, it is most likely recyclable.  

Where to find an e-waste recycling center for your laptop: Several major electronic retailers collect electronic waste, including Best Buy and Staples. Many churches, schools, and non-profits also hold regular e-waste recycling collections and should gladly take your laptop. Go to for a full list of locations accepting laptops near you.

...Or if you're interested in seeing  your computer get refurbished and distributed to an underserved community (nationally or internationall!), check out the video below on an organization called InterConnection.