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Are Overhead Transparencies Recyclable?

are overhead transparencies recyclable

Yes, overhead projector transparency sheets ARE recyclable, however usually you cannot recycle them in your curbside municipal recycling bin. Overhead transparencies are made mostly from polyester and acetate. The best way to recycle them is through the recycling program offered through their largest manufacturer, 3M. Simply mail the  transparencies to: 3M Recycle Program, c/o Gemark, 99 Stevens Lane, Exeter, PA 18643.

Or, if you're crafty, consider some of these reuse/upcycle options for your overhead transparencies:

  • Use to make stencils for art projects and t-shirt decorating.
  • Use to make stained-glass art with kids. Have them use permanent markers on the transparency.
  • Use to protect pages in a scrapbook.