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Rumparooz Cloth Diapers

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Rumparooz Cloth Diapers
Kanga Care
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Best one-size cloth diapers I've used
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Reusable diaper with no harmful dyes or chemicals. The diapers will even biodegrade!
More expensive than other OS cloth diapers, but better quality
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rumparooz diaperThese are great diapers!!  I once was Bum Genius faithful, with the economical but leaky Smartipants as our backups.  But, as my son got older and became a very heavy wetter, we began having problems with them.  Sometimes we need to use more than one liner, and they're not so reliable when it comes to overnight or outings.

Rump-a-rooz are awesome.  Just by touching them, you can feel that they are high quality.  They are very snug around my son's legs, and they have yet to leak.  While with the other cloth diapers I need to change them every 2 hours like clockwork, I can use Rump-a-rooz for overnight, nap time, car trips, and other situations where I may be unable to change him.

Many cloth diaperers have a preference about snaps or velcro.  I'm a velcro gal myself, but there are Rumparooz with snaps OR velcro, so you can take your pick.  

These diapers are super cute.  For two extra dollars, you can get designs, like the little fire trucks Isaac is modeling in this photo.

That said, these diapers are expensive.  They are a few more dollars than Bum Genius, and about ten more dollars than Smartipants.   While I do think these diapers are great, I can't imagine having my entire cloth diaper collection made up of them.  However, I do think they are worth having at least three on hand...especially if your child is a heavy wetter.  Also, if you're a parent-to-be looking into cloth diapers, hint for some of these for a baby shower gift!  You won't be sorry!  

If you're interesting in buying them, check out Thanks Mama's Rump-a-rooz page.   You can get discounts if you buy four or more.  They also sell Lil Joeys Rump-a-rooz for newborns.  

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