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HealthyTimes Baby Herbal Garden Lotion

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HealthyTimes Baby Herbal Garden Lotion
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Great lotion for mom & baby!
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No harsh chemicals, easy on skin
Runs for about $5 for 8 oz. Worth it!
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This lotion is getting my baby and me through the winter.  I bought it for him before he was born when I was stocking up on baby products at Whole Foods because I thought that it was a good price, and I was attracted to the sweet artwork on the bottle.  People gave us other baby lotions, but this is by far the best.  My baby has very dry skin, especially on his legs, and this would help moisturize without leaving an oily residue.  It has a pleasant fragrance, that is mild yet comforting.  

I also find that a little bit of this lotion goes a long way.  Just a little dab in my hands and my hands feel moisturized.  

My hands have also been particularly dry this winter (probably from washing my hands a million times a day after diaper changes and whatnot!) so I began to use it on my hands.  The baby and I smell yummy, our skin is rehydrating, and we didn't need any harsh chemicals or scents to achieve this!

I'll definitely be trying some more HealthyTimes baby products in the future.

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