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Follow the (Recovery) Money

In the case you are interested to know detail about what initiatives the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) stimulus package (recovery bill) may fund in California related to the Smart Grid, there is public information available on this topic.  The reason this is important for cleantech/greentech is that the ARRA appropriated $4.5 billion for the Smart Grid country wide which will reduce energy consumption and enable the transition to renewables.  The reason it is important to Californians is that we need to compete with other states to get our piece of the pie, not only to shift our energy paradigm, but also for jobs.

Relevant information may be found here.  There are links to presentations by the three Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs) given at a workshop on March 27.  I attended the workshop and am glad to see that the information has now been posted.  The IOUs provide information about the projects that they want funded, often listing the dollar amount, the expected jobs created, and even the vendors involved.  Projects are in the following categories: Smart Grid testing, Smart Grid demonstrations, synchrophasors, grid energy storage, auto-derivative battery storage, security, microgrid, smart-thermostats, PHEV truck fleet, demand response, and EV studies.