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I never really understood just how much stuff a child gets until I had one.  Suddenly, everyone is popping out of the woodwork to give toys to your new rugrat.  The most disturbing aspect of all these new toys is the amount of harmful ecological consequences that go with them.  This week I decided to spotlight this issue in my Daily Greenings so that I can share some great tips with the community and also come up with a plan to green my own child's toy collection.   Let's begin with a big, easy tip.


Now, I know this elicits two responses from parents.  One of joy and one of eye rolling.  The joy response comes from parents that are sick of the constant barrage of noise and lights these toys pump out.  These toys usually cause over-stimulation in young children while only contributing to the huge battery pollution problem in the United States.  In one year, the US produces 150,000 tons of battery waste with all their toxic alkaline effects.  A lot of these batteries come from the toys are children have.  So simply try to cut out or reduce the number of toys you buy that need batteries.

The eye rolling occurs because most parents today cannot live without some battery operated contraptions.  My wife and I are included in this group (I sure do love that swing).  So what should you use to power that swing or baby monitor or vibrating crib?  Rechargeable batteries, of course.  A rechargeable battery has a lifetime charge cycle ranging from 100-1000.  This reuse of the same battery is a drastic reduction in the amount of waste generated from our modern conveniences.  So now when you use that swing for a couple minutes of relaxation, feel proud of the fact that you are reducing battery pollution and gaining sanity all at the same time.