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Friday Morning Quick Hits | Green Cleaning Guide

Good morning and welcome to the last day of the work week.  Hopefully, you had a productive, stress-free (or as much as possible) week and are anxiously awaiting the weekend.  I know I am, but there is a little trepidation.  The reason being simply is that the work never really ends on Friday, but continues throughout the weekend.  I always seem to have a list of chores and number one on that list is cleaning.  I know for many of you (folks like my beautiful wife whom I adore) cleaning is a fun activity all in itself.  So for my fun Friday quick hits I am focusing on some great cleaning links to help make your weekend cleaning spree less harmful to the environment.  I will not make any guarantees on your back or knees.

How to Make Green Household Cleaners: What do baking soda, club soda and vinegar all have in common?  They are all acidic cleaners, but each with their own special purpose.  The folks at e-How put together a list of eight cleaning products that you can make yourself and what type of cleaning each is best suited for.  A great starter list that is only expanded by...

25 Safe, Non-toxic, Homemade Cleaning Supplies: This article from treehuggingfamily contains a plethora of additional easy to make cleaning supplies.  For example, what do you do with that disgusting bachelor pad toilet?  You simply spray some vinegar around the bowl, sprinkle baking soda and scrub away.

How green are green household cleaners?: If you do decide to use cleaners then Cristen Conger has put together a valuable article for you describing the benefits and how to make decisions when your shopping.  But what about specific items?


Top Household Cleaner: Once again, I will sing the praises of the Good Guide.  This essential resource, that I previously wrote about here, is a guide to products found in any grocery store.  Good Guide gives them a rating based on health, environmental and societal performance on a scale of 1-10.  All the prices are listed and sometimes it is surprising to see which products are the best.  For example, the popular Fantastik cleaner (only $4.99) receives a great grade of 8.1!  So do some detective work at the easy to use site and come up with a list before you go to the store.

Food Scrap Recycling: Finally, I wanted to inform everyone that they might be throwing away a lot more food items then they need to.  For example, in the place where I live (Alameda County, CA) we have a green waste recycling program.  These programs are very popular across the United States and provide a great solution for grass and tree clippings.  But what most people don't realize is that these bins may also be filled with another waste item, food scraps.  The reason for this is that food scraps can be part of a compost pile just like green waste, thus lumping all this bio-degradable material together reduces the amount going into the landfill.  Please check out this site from for a quick guide and call up your local garbage company to find out if you can fill the green bin with chicken bones.

Electronic Recycling Superguide

The folks of GoodCleanTech have put together an invaluable resource for those interested in handling electronic waste properly.  The Electronics Recycling Superguide provides a plethora of options for dealing with our old TVs, computers, peripherals, audio equipment, and phones.  This consumer waste makes up almost 2 percent of the municipal solid waste stream.  Many of the toxins that come from these electronics are harmful to humans and wildlife and toxic in soil and waterways.  That is why this guide is so amazing.

For one thing it gives the consumer options.  According to GoodCleanTech, "You can recycle through a product's manufacturer, your local electronics store, or an online trade-in program that offers a cash reward or gift card.  But with so many choices, how do you know the best way to approach recycling your outdated tech?"  Well, simply put, this guide is the answer.

GoodCleanTech put together a list of major manufacturers, retailers and recycling websites in one place on the internet.  Here you can find out if there is any rebates, fees, locations of pick-up or whether you may e-mail your waste to them.  Have a good time properly disposing of your old computer.

Friday Quick Hits- Your Green Desserts

Hey everyone and we made it!!  Another week finished and a weekend about to begin.  What a great time for our fun quick hits.  This week I thought a few links over desserts would be great because everyone deserves a treat after a long week.

Sweet Celebrations: This is a fun recipe from our friends at Kiwi, an online magazine devoted to growing families the natural and organic way, for a great dessert.  Rabanadas are a traditional Brazilian treat made of the leftovers from Christmas.  A sweet treat sure to please and the site has some great questions to turn it into a learning experienced for the kids.

Eco-Friendly Birthday Theme Cakes: This great site,, shows some great ideas for green themed cakes.  Some look delicious and some not so much, but I do love the one below.

Sustainable chocolate: Next must-have ingredient for snack companies: A fun news article written about the increase of sustainable chocolate by large candy companies.  A fun read but you need the real thing so...

Chocolate Bar: Here is a great company that makes organic, fair-trade chocolate bars called Equal Exchange.  The great thing about this company is that not only are you eating a sustainable chocolate, but you are also getting the good stuff.  For example, while most US candy bars have less than 10% coca in them these candy bars have anywhere between 39% to 80%!!!  Yummy!

Free your home of toxic chemicals

Have you ever known someone who has been struck down with cancer and you thought that they were the healthiest person you knew?  They did not smoke, did not work in a hazardous environment, no family history of cancer but they still got it.  Strange huh?  Maybe not, did you know that women who work in the home have a 54% higher risk of developing Breast Cancer?  Why would this happen?  Studies have shown that this is a direct result of the use of common household cleaning products.  Most of the big name brands that we grew up on are full of very dangerous toxic chemicals.  Is it worth your ... read more

Green Living Room Makeover!

This is a wonderful program produced by Scott Naturals regarding a green makeover of a family's home ala TLC show.  It is really good and provides a bunch of fun little tips for any future home improvements.   Check out more house makeovers at Scott's website, ... read more


Fighting the Shopaholic Urge

One of the main tenets of environmentally conscious living is to reduce consumption of manufactured goods.  However, when you're living such a lifestyle, you may find there are times when you feel an incredible urge to buy something, or anything. These urges are probably most common for those of us who are recovering shopaholics- our brains have been conditioned to enjoy acquiring retail goods, so it's difficult to let go of that source of pleasure.... read more

100% Recycled Hair Accessories

I was super excited when I went to replace on old, broken hair clip recently. I have a favorite product, Scunci claw clips, which I have been using for many years now. And to my surprise, they now make 100% recycled version of my product (and, the recycled version was about one third of the cost of similar non-recycled products) – whoopie!

... read more

Crayon Signature - Oxfam Young Lions Entry

Great vidoe produced by Oxfam, the non-profit NGO, as part of the YouTube Cannes Young Lions Ad Contest.

We must act fast against climate change and global warming. Together we can save the future of our planet.

Action on Climate Change: From Brazil to China. From Mexico to France. From Russia to Australia. From United States to Sweden. From England to Argentina. From Youtube to the streets.


Happy Memorial Day Weekend Quick Hits

Happy Memorial Day everyone and since today is Friday I have a bunch of fun quick hits to help you make it a green weekend.

7 Ways to Make Your Beach Outing Eco-Friendly: A fun little guide for all those enjoying the sun at the seaside this weekend from thedailygreen.  Remember to check out your sun screen at the good guide to see if it is responsible.

Greening Your Memorial Day BBQ: Robin Shrevees of the Mother Nature Network provides some insight into tips for a great 'green' barbecue.  Yum, organic corn and a bottle of locally gorwn shiraz!

Eco-Fun for Memorial Day:  Another great post by Robin Shrevees that expands out into games.  Frisbee over the DS any day in my books.

Free Sustainable Energy Show: For all those readers living in Missouri this event seems like a fun and free way to spend a couple hours on Memorial Day with the Family.

How to have a green Memorial Day Weekend: Finally, Yahoo provides some of their insights into greening your Memorial Day.  Have lots of fun and stay safe everyone.

 ... read more