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Do It Gorgeously: A Book Review

Do It GorgeouslyDo It Gorgeously... read more

Sophie Uliano's Do It Gorgeously: How to Make Less Toxic, Less Expensive, and More Beautiful Products struck my eye at the library yesterday. I'm a sucker for books that claim they can help me green my home front, but most of them leave me disappointed. I've checked out far too many of these books and wasted far too many hours flipping through their chapters on using recycling bins and turning out the lights when I leave the room. I mean, my generation has been learning about recycling and conservation since elementary school. We don't need any more Love Your Earth 101 lessons, folks.

Sign the Petition to Improve America's Walk Score

Why is the U.S. so far behind most of the world in terms of public transportation?  Here in Boston, a city with public transportation better than many other cities throughout the country, the MBTA is running extremely outdated subways and trains on many of their lines.  And then you go to other parts of the country with little to no public transportation options at all.   

82% of voters say that "the United States would benefit from an expanded and improved transportation system."  [source]  Meanwhile, only 5% of Americas live within walking distance of decent public transit.  [source]

That is horrible.  It's time that a huge change is made.... read more

Art made with Recycled Materials

Last weekend, we went to the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston.   (A very green zoo, btw, from their conservation efforts to many of the recycled items in their gift shops)  Before you enter, there were some animal sculptures (pictured left) made of used containers from the nearby Sam Adams Brewery.  

I thought it was an excellent and unique way of reusing something that would have otherwise been thrown away.  It made me think of the "reduce, reuse, and recycle" adage, and how people are often good about recycling these days, but forget about reducing and reusing.   And what better way to reuse something than to turn it into a cool piece of artwork?... read more

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Event in San Francisco THIS Weekend!

Head to Ghirardelli Square this weekend!  It's the Ghirardelli Square Chocolate Festival on September 11th and 12th.  Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day (which I love) will be there, turning the fountain in Ghirardelli Square into a giant Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day SINK!    Visitors will take a “bubble” out of the sink which will contain a Mrs. Meyer’s sample.   For each bubble that is taken, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day will donate $2 to San Francisco’s Clean City Coalition!  

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Green Company Profile: Boloco

Why it's Keen:

Tasty, reasonably priced burritos, wraps, salads, smoothies, shakes, and cookies.  Everything is delicious and they have free wifi.  They have locations throughout New England.  

Why it's Green:

Boloco is a certified green restaurant.  Their "plastic" cups are made of corn and are 100% compostable and their bowls are made of bamboo.  They use LED lighting, low-flow waterheads, and the tabletops and countertops are made from 50 to 100% post-consumer recycled paper and petroleum-free resin, called Paperstone.  

Their ingredients are great, too.  Organic tofu, antibiotic and hormone free meats, humanely raised steaks, and more.  Take a look at their menu.  I'm sure your mouth will water.  ... read more

Michael Amaral Furniture

It's refreshing to see handmade eco-friendly furniture in a day where flimsy, particle board furniture is the norm.  I'm excited to be profiling Michael Amaral Furniture, a furniture designer and builder based out of Rhode Island.  

Why it's Keen: 

I'll let a picture of Michael's beautiful furniture speak for itself.  


'Nuff said, right?... read more

Knowing Our Food, A Summer CSA Adventure

This summer my family and I purchased a share in a CSA. Shared Bounty CSA, to be specific. The experience has been fabulous in more ways than I could have ever expected. In fact, I have multiple blog posts about them (and my culinary experiments from the summer) just waiting to be written. This week, though, I realized just how fortunate we have been to be part of the Shared Bounty family. 

Shared Bounty CSAShared Bounty CSA... read more

Critter Help!!!

I'm going crazy here. I've had this mouse or two sharing my house with me for far too long.

I've tried ammonia in little bowls, so they'd think there was a cat around--worked for an hour or so.

I've tried those little sticky traps--they actually eat them.

I've totally redone my dog's eating schedule so there's no excess food around--frustrated dog, no effect on mouse/mice.

The other day I went to get my dog a treat from the TOP OF MY REFRIGERATOR and found a mouse had gotten up there and chewed through the bag.... read more