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Top Eco-Friendly Clothing Companies

Eco-friendly clothing companies are gaining in popularity, and many people are proud to champion them along. Eco-fashions have a lot going for them: They are environmentally friendly, and they are fashion-forward in every sense of the word. Sustainable fibers make it possible to create high-quality garments that are comfortable and that last.

If you ask shoppers what the appeal is, you are likely to get a range of responses. For instance, some may simply say they like the fact that they are doing something nice for the environment, but other consumers may say they like the style or fashion design, and still others may insist that the reason they buy eco-friendly fashions is because pesticides are not used in growing the materials.

Designers of today have lots of choices when using eco-friendly fabrics. ... read more

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent - No Borax

dishwasher detergent recipe w/o boraxWhile I've made homemade cleansers and washing machine detergent in the past, I was wary of making homemade dishwashing detergent.  I envisioned everything coming out dirty or with a sticky residue.    Until recently, that is.  It was a late night (when most stores were closed), we had a ton of dishes to do, and we were taking an early morning flight.

I quickly did some Googling, but all of the recipes called for borax or washing soda, which we didn't have.  I finally found a recipe that called for neither.  I was definitely skeptical, but it wound up working like a charm.  It's cheap, too!

Here's how to do it:... read more

Breathe New Life into Lattice Gardens

When you imagine the perfect garden, there's a good chance there's a bit of lattice somewhere in your mind. With its classic overlapping grid structure, lattice is extremely versatile in terms of purpose and appearance and it can be designed to suit any style!

Here are a few suggestions for incorporating lattice into your garden layout no matter the space you have to work with, as well as a simple DIY lattice garden project, plus best practices to keep in mind.

Lots of Lattice Options

Lattice is an excellent choice for so many things due, in large part, to its simplicity. In essence, a lattice is a panel of wood or metal strips made into a grid. Lattice in its natural wood tone provides a wonderfully blended backdrop to highlight whatever you are growing or you can paint the lattice in any color you desire to add a pop to your backyard landscaping!... read more

Eco-Friendly Advantages of Metal Roofing

metal roofing is eco-friendly

Although metal roofing has been around for hundreds of years, the concept has only recently gained traction among folks who care about humanity's impact on the environment. In addition to its obvious financial and practical benefits, metal roofing has a number of attributes that conspire to make it a particularly eco-friendly construction material.... read more

Your Next Vehicle Could Be A Hybrid

Rising fuel cost, increased environmental awareness, political posturing, and the long term stability of our natural resources has created a surge of hybrid vehicle development in the United States and abroad. Ford Motor Co. sold a record 11,600 Natural Gas Vehicles in 2012 (source) and Chevy sold 1,306 Volt's (electric car) in April this year (source). Another hybrid technology is compressed air vehicles; leading the pack overseas is Tata Motors (source) and I'd love to see them stateside. The demand for alternative fuel automobiles rises every month as does the options for consumers. Let's take a look at some of the available consumer level options.... read more

Green Father's Day Ideas

This is an update of a previous Green Father's Day Gift Guide.  Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there...and here are some gift ideas for their families!  At the bottom there are some new additions.


Father's Day is just around the corner.  Thinking about what to get for the environment-loving dad in your life?  Here are a few ideas:... read more

A Greener Summer Guest Room

greener guest roomGuest rooms come in all different shapes and sizes but they aren’t always set up with the environment in mind. This may not matter to family and friends visiting from out of town because they are only passing through. However if you have a lot of guests visiting over the course of the warmer months implementing a few green upgrades to the guest room may tip the scales so it’s working more with the environment than against.

That being the case with the summer vacation season fast approaching consider some of the following tips for a greener guest room:

  1. CFLs: Change all incandescent light bulbs in the guest room (and adjacent bathroom if there is one) to compact florescent lights (CFLs). These energy saving bulbs will use up to 80% less power meaning if a guest leaves a light on it won’t show much on the electric bill.

    2.  Drafts: Guests arriving over the summer are sure to use the air conditioning on warm nights, especially in humid regions like Fort Lauderdale. For this reason its important to make sure the system is working efficiently and not draining unnecessary power. This means fixing any drafts around windows and doors and cleaning or replacing filters.... read more

Urban Farming

The word "farm" often conjures up images of pigpens, silos, and acres of corn, not urban “farmers” living in a city.

Urban farming isn’t new. Ancient Persia had urban farms, and so did Macchu Picchu. However, now with the popularity of green living, urban farming has become more common. The environmental benefits of urban farming are numerous. Cities are often the most environmentally-friendly places to live, with public transportation and being able to walk everywhere. If you can grow your own food, it just adds to the “greenness.”

One hurdle when it comes to urban farming is space. Here are some ways around that:... read more

Myths About Asbestos

With asbestos-related diseases occurring more frequently than ever, asbestos has been a popular topic of discussion lately. Unfortunately, there are still many misconceptions about the mineral. Awareness is an amazing, life-saving thing, but it’s important to be aware of the truth.

Below, we debunk three common myths about asbestos:

Myth # 1: Asbestos is banned in the United States.

As a known human carcinogen, you’d think asbestos would be banned in the United States. More than 50 countries outlaw the use of the fibers – but we aren’t one of them.

We do ban a few asbestos products: corrugated paper, rollboard, commercial/specialty paper and flooring felt. However, everything outside this range is still fair game. Companies may independently choose to use asbestos alternatives to protect their workers and avoid lawsuits, but it’s purely up to them.

Legislation did once seek to implement a nationwide ban on all asbestos products. However, asbestos lobbyists had the law reversed just a few short years later.... read more

5 Reasons to Build an Indoor Kitchen Garden

Building an indoor kitchen garden doesn't have to cost a lot of money. It can be as simple as a few pots on shelving units near the windows, or it can be as elaborate as you wish with heat lamps and UV lighting. There are many bonuses to investing your time into cultivating an indoor kitchen garden whether you are looking to increase the "feeling" of the room or would just like to add fresh ingredients to your cooking.

1. Organic Eating - Of course, eating organic depends on the chemicals you put into your fruits and vegetables. However, you may be inclined not to use such chemicals within your home. Growing your own veggies will provide you with edibles that are unscathed by the devices of humankind. In reality, you can't get any cleaner tomatoes and such outside of utilizing your own garden. Having it in the kitchen only makes it easier for you to add these components into your cooking plans.... read more