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Seasonal Sustainability: Start Planning your Planting!

autumn sustainabilityWith the arrival of fall, many people think all hope is lost for having a garden this year because it's far too late to get started.

Fortunately for all of the late bloomers out there, that couldn't be further from the truth! In fact, if you don't start now, you'll likely miss out on gardening next year.

In actuality, autumn is the perfect time to begin making plans for next year's planting. And why wouldn't you ponder planting your own garden when you consider all of the benefits?

For example, growing your own food allows you to save money because you are literally cutting out every middleman along the way: there's no extra green standing between you and your greens!... read more

House Clearance Tips – Go Green

house cleaning tipsWhen it comes to clearing your home out before a big move, many of us simply do not know where to begin. There are huge piles of items everywhere, not to mention furniture, white goods and other electronics. There are those drawers and cupboards we haven’t looked at in years and garages that are piled high with long forgotten things. Making a start is hard enough as we look to box up items that we think we will not need for a while. Our list will hopefully give you a little head start in your house clearance.

Donate to Charity

We all have lots of old clothes, videos, kitchen utensils amongst other things that we no longer use or need. But there are lots of charities around the country who are crying out for generous donations like these. When you are organising your belongings ahead of the big move, make a pile for charity donation and in this way you will not have to take a lot of items you no longer need with you. Not only that but you will get a great sense of satisfaction by helping those less fortunate than yourself by donating.... read more

Cutting Down for Sustainable Living

Recently I have started to cut down on the amount of junk and clutter in my home. I realized that not only was I living an unhealthy life style but my living was also unsustainable. The way I was living was hurting me, my family and the environment. That is when I knew I had to do something about it. In my journey to sustainability I have uncovered several areas in which I needed to improve. Perhaps you can improve these same areas in your life?

  1. Garbage, garbage everywhere – The first thing that I found out was really negatively effecting my family was the clutter. We had boxes piled up everywhere, a garage full to the brim, extra parts and do dads lying around on the floors and so on. It was one step short of hording and it was killing us. We had to make paths through the junk to even move and it made us all feel very bad. Not only was it hard to move in the house but it was also dusty, dirty and hard to look at. You never wanted to sit in the housebecause you had to look at junk. We would also often lose things and have to buy replacements for things we already have. It was very frustrating and expensive. Even in the kitchen lost items like pots and pans made cooking hard and forced us to eat out or buy prepared meals far more often than we really should have needed to. It was hard on all of us and we seemed to be stuck in a cycle. Whenever something new would come into the house there would be no where to put it so it would just add to the junk. It was kind of like a messy store. Who cares if you drop something where there is already a mess? However if you keep things clean messes seem to stand out and need to be cleaned up. Gradually we have cut down on the junk in our house. It has been hard and is still a work in progress as we try to clean out all the boxes and make room for the stuff that needs to be kept. We went through ten boxes this weekend and two of those were kept because they were board games we had been looking for. The rest were junky toys my kids had long grown out of, old clothes and purses and things like that. We gave the good things away and trashed the rest. It might not have made a huge dent in the mess but with a big project like this one you have to take it one step at a time. I have also reduced clutter by dealing with new thingsright away. Instead of letting mail pile up on the table I go through it and take the bills out to pay them and throw the rest of the mail away.... read more

Asbestos Exposure and Your Health

For more than 100 years, health officials have linked asbestos to a number of serious and life-threatening diseases. Many other diseases are loosely associated with asbestos exposure, but without an official correlation.

While incidence rates for most of these illnesses have been slowly declining, there are still thousands of diagnoses made each year in the United States.

Most asbestos-related diseases, such as malignant mesothelioma, affect the respiratory system. The fibers often enter the body through inhalation, and the esophagus and lungs are the first organs the fibers reach.

However, the lymphatic system can transport fibers to other parts of the body, where they can cause similar carcinogenic processes.... read more

Litter-Free Lunch BACK-TO-SCHOOL Giveaway!

Yes, it's that time again!  It's our GREEN BACK-TO-SCHOOL giveaway!!  We have teamed up with our awesome friends at New Wave Enviro!  

Say good-bye to brown-bagged lunches, Ziplocs, and other single-use lunchtime products this year and go litter-free with the Litter-Free Lunch Kit!   This fantastic Litter-Free Lunch Kit contains an insulated lunch box, a beverage container, and 4 snack/sandwich containers.  I have one myself and I absolutely love it.  We use it for picnics, day trips, school, camping - you name it.  

This year, your kid can go back to school KEEN and GREEN by winning this fantastic lunch kit.  

Litter free lunch kit

Win a Litter-Free Lunch Kit!

Here are the giveaway rules:

1)  "LIKE" Keen for Green on Facebook.  

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3) Comment on New Wave Enviro's FB page telling them what your favorite product is on their website.    Go to New Wave Enviro's website to see their products.  

4)  Email to let us know that you've become a fan of both and commented on New Wave's FB page.  ... read more

What's a Green Roof?

A "green roof," simply put, is a roof that has been turned into a garden. Unlike a simple "rooftop garden," where the garden is in containers or only takes up a small patch of the roof, with a green roof, the garden covers the entire roof. The roof gets sealed and covered with a waterproof membrane, something that facilitates vegetation (like soil) is spread and vegetation gets planted. Some people choose to build rooftop ponds to help them treat their grey water. This is another type of green roof.

You know you want one!... read more

Lighting up your garden the eco friendly way



The greenest part of your household is your garden, but sometimes this may not be the case, as lighting up your garden in the evening can come with a cost, as it is becoming more and more popular for lights to be installed into features in your garden or just simply to light up an area with a spot light. ... read more

Keeping Green in the Kitchen

green kitchenWhen it comes to cooking and preparing food you might be surprised at how much you waste. There is a lot of wasted food in meal preparation but much of that can be redeemed or avoided with just some simple steps. Here are some tips to keep green in your kitchen:

Less trash – The first step to going green in your kitchen is to reduce your waste. How much food do you throw away? What do you do with leftovers and scraps? How much packaging do you toss? These are all important questions to ask yourself.... read more

  • First of all, when you buy your produce and other items for cooking from the grocery store are you careful about what packing you buy? Plastic and foam containers can stay in landfills for a long time and are not good for the environment. Instead try to buy loose produce and recycle the plastic bags. You can also buy produce that is packaged in recycled cardboard and paper.

  • Next is the leftovers. Many of us make too much food when we prepare a meal and have some leftover. Those leftovers either get tossed right away or stored in the refrigerator until they go bad and are then tossed out. Instead of these wasteful habits there are several other options. One is to make less food. The portion sizes of a typical family meal are too large. You do not have to be stuffed to be satisfied. Try to cut down in the amount of food you prepare and serve to also cut down on the leftover you have and the extra weight your family has.

Top 6 Tips for Cooling Your Home in a Green Way

As the temperatures of summer continue to climb, many people are looking for budget-saving green ways to cool their homes. There are some natural ways to create a cooler environment, and they don't have to cost a lot of money.

The reality is, there are things you can do inside and outside of your home that will help keep it cool in a green way. For instance, you should focus on the sunlight that heats your home and on ways to shade the house from the sun during the hot summer months. Airflow is another huge concern.

Let the cool morning air in, and keep the hot midday air out.

While you may choose to use air conditioning units, strategic placement and maintenance of the units can add to the concept of going green. In addition, some units are much more energy efficient than others. Doing research upfront can help ensure a wise investment.... read more

Zuke's Pet Treat Giveaway!

zuke's pet treats

My cat loves Zuke's G-Zees cat treats and now it's your chance to WIN three bags of the pet treats of your choice!    Zuke's offers a variety of dog and cat treats, so no matter which furry friend you have, you can choose the appropriate treats!    Zuke's is a green company and Keen For Green is happy to partner with them for this giveaway.... read more