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Green Carpet Recap - Whole Foods Market, Newton, Massachusetts

Last Friday, Keen For Green was lucky to be a part of Whole Food's Market Green Carpet Event in Newton, Massachuetts.

   ... read more

ARAG Green Fair in Des Moines, Iowa

ARAG Green Fair in Des Moines, IowaARAG Green Fair in Des Moines, Iowa

Calling all Keen For Green fans in the Des Moines area!  Septembe 30th marks the second annual ARAG Green Fair!

This free event at Capital Square Atrium is open to the public. This is a free event is open to the public. WThere will be over 35 vendors attending providing individuals and businesses with information about being green.  ... read more

Iowa Health Systems, who was a vendor partner in 2010, has joined ARAG as an official Sponsorship Partner for the 2011 event.

Dunkin Donuts -- Ditch the Styrofoam Cups!

dunkin donuts styrofoam

I live in Massachusetts, which is Dunkin Donuts country.  While the affinity for a Dunkin Donuts cup of joe is strong here, Dunkin's commitment to the environment is seriously lacking.  Many of their hot coffee drinks still come in Styrofoam.... read more

Boycott Taco Bell & KFC: Demand an End to Deforestation in Indonesia

Taco Bell Rainforest

Environmental organizations such as Greenpeace recently began to put pressure on YUM!Brands, parent company of many large fast food restaurants, due to the immense damage they are doing to tropical rainforests. YUM! Owns chains including Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, A&W and Long John Silvers and has over 38,000 locations across the globe.... read more

It Takes a City

Last May I saw a shining vision of sustainable urban living. A couple I know had totally retrofitted their house for full energy efficiency and were giving tours to show how it could be done. The house, a 19th century Boston triple-decker, had leaked btu’s for over a hundred winters but now it’s insulated, ducted, and sealed, and ready to play its part in a 21st century green city.... read more

The 2011 Toxies Red Carpet Awards

dioxin - toxiesNext Thursday, Physicians for Social Responsibility – Los Angeles, is holding the second annual Toxies Red Carpet Awards for Bad Actor Chemicals.  The event includes a red carpet event at 4 PM, PDT, an award ceremony, and an after party at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.

The Toxies exists to educate the public on the dangers of toxic and untested chemicals, teach people how to remove these chemicals from their lives, and encourage advocacy for policy changes.   ... read more

Jack Thorndike


The Like For Square Feet Campaign at Chipkos!

chipkos shoesStarting tomorrow (Earth Day!) Chipkos, maker of eco-friendly footwear, is starting a campaign called Like for Square feet.  For every new Facebook "LIKE" that they receive, Chipkos will adopt one square foot of the rain forest.... read more

Tristin and Tyler

How Far Does Your Food Travel?

With Earth Day quickly approaching (April 22), I am reminded to think about where I am in the world and where in the world my food is. I am in Canada and most of our food is not.

We are not far enough into spring to plant an outdoor garden and the Farmer's Market has not yet opened. Everything comes from the grocery store. I bought a beautiful bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Well, at least they were fresh when they were picked and hopefully just as fresh when they were packed.... read more