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“Green Vision, San Jose" Program Solar and Renewable Energy Goals for 2022

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San Jose, California and the broader Silicon Valley is known for technological ingenuity creative, forward-thinking from the private sector. It is no wonder that this spirit is mirrored in the San Jose public sector, as well. In 2007, San Jose launched it's Green Vision program, which set forth very ambitious goals to be reached over the course of 15 years.

Included in these goals are two Renewable Energy goals that include the expansion of solar electricity and other renewable energy sources. By 2022.

1- Reduce per capita energy use by 50%.

2 - Receive 100% electrical power from clean renewable sources.

Mary Tucker, the Environmental Services Program manager responsible for overseeing these two goals, explained some of the ways the city of San Jose is working within the municipality and the community to meet these goals.

Mary describes: “It's all about sharing information. The [San Jose] community is very supportive of these goals. Everyone wants to work together to make change. Likewise, the national community is working toward shared goals by sharing and learning from each other's experiences.”

The city of San Jose has received funding for programs related to these goals from several sources. They recently received $8.8 million from the Stimulus package for municipal activities. 50% of that is going to energy retrofits through technologies such as solar and wind. $2 million is going to the department of transportation to install dim-able LED streets. Another $2 million is going to a series of solar proposals which aim to install 4-8 megawatts of solar panels on city facilities and parking lots.

“These projects will lead to immediate energy and financial savings for the city,“ Mary Tucker explained. “What is great about our program is that it is city-wide; it does not only target the government, but the larger community, as well.”

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