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Join a Coffee CSA on National Coffee Day!

Are you keen for caffeine?  If so, we hope you're enjoying National Coffee Day!

And here's a keen idea to celebrate National Coffee Day:  join a coffee CSA!  We all know about produce CSAs and even meat CSAs, but have you ever thought of joining a CSA to get your daily coffee fix? lets you sign up for coffee shares from coffee farmers.   The organization is 100% owned and controlled by the farmers that they feature!  And it gives you the opportunity to get involved with the farms - you can even pay to plant a tree on a small coffee farm.  ... read more

Lunchopolis Giveaway!

Say good-bye to brown-bagged lunches, Ziplocs, and other single-use lunchtime products and get on board with the Lunchopolis!   The Lunchopolis contains an insulated lunch box, a beverage container, and 4 snack/sandwich containers. 


Win a Lunchopolis!

Here are the giveaway rules:

1)  "LIKE" Keen for Green on Facebook.  

2)  "LIKE" New Wave Enviro on Facebook.  

3) Comment on New Wave Enviro's FB page telling them what your favorite product is on their website.    Go to New Wave Enviro's website to see their products.  

4)  Email [email protected] to let us know that you've become a fan of both and commented on New Wave's FB page.  ... read more

Making your beverages eco-friendly

eco-friendly drinksWe've written many times about using reusable bottles and cups instead of single-use, but what about the stuff in it?  How do we make our drinking habits a little bit greener?  From water to beer to juice, there are ways to be a little greener when keeping yourself hydrated.


In most parts of North America, the tap water is perfectly drinkable.  If you enjoy filtered water, you can buy a Brita-like filter or one that connects to your faucet.  If your tap water isn't safe or is otherwise undrinkable, there are options such as an under-the-sink filter.  ... read more

Green Game Day Recipes!

When I sat down to write for Keen for Green today, I was originally going to do a piece on the top tips for greening up those fall tailgates this year, but upon a little perusal, I think they’ve already got that covered!  Between advising you to find local beer, or even better, brewing your own and an awesome article on the best tips for how to throw a fantastically green barbecue, there’s not much left!  (Of course as long as you can get yourself to the game with a barbecue in tote and a cooler full of your beverages, that is.)  In light of that, I thought I’d take a different direction and go strictly food.  Because, truth be told: I don’t drink nor do I watch football, so game days are, for me, 100% about the food.  And to be completely honest, I’d much rather “watch” from the comfort of my own home with a bowl of chili and a hunk of freshly buttered cornbread than stand outside in unpredictable weather with a possibly semi-burnt hotdog in hand.  In case I’m not alone (c’mon ladies!), here are some of my very favorite green game day recipe recommendations.... read more

Green Your Guilty Pleasures

soda bottlesGuilty pleasures -- as green you may strive to be, you probably have an un-green habit or craving.  I'm a firm believer that small steps amount to a lot and I also feel that people can go green without going crazy.  There are plenty of ways to make your guilty pleasures a little greener.

What are your not-so-green guilty pleasures?  ... read more

Boycott Taco Bell & KFC: Demand an End to Deforestation in Indonesia

Taco Bell Rainforest

Environmental organizations such as Greenpeace recently began to put pressure on YUM!Brands, parent company of many large fast food restaurants, due to the immense damage they are doing to tropical rainforests. YUM! Owns chains including Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, A&W and Long John Silvers and has over 38,000 locations across the globe.... read more

Meatless Mondays!!

Meatless Mondays

I am all about making small lifestyle changes to decrease my negative impact on the environment. While I may not be able to afford solar panels or an electric car, I CAN by local foods, hang-dry my clothes and do other small things which can add up to a BIG impact by the end of the year.... read more

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Food: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Through What You Eat

Food Greenhouse Gas Emissions

A comprehensive study released on July 18, 2011 by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) outlines guidelines to help you, the consumer, make wiser food choices. We have long known that certain foods create an abundance of CO2 emissions. What this study adds is understanding the roll of the entire life cycle of various foods, whereas previous research mostly focuses on food production. The EWG research tracks food production, processing, consumption and waste disposal to teach us how to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and pollutions that result from our dietary habits.

“By eating and wasting less meat, consumers can help limit the environmental damage caused by the huge amounts of fertilizer, fuel, water, and pesticides, not to mention the toxic manure and wastewater, that goes along with producing meat,” said Kari Hamerschlag, EWG senior analyst and author of the report. “Choosing healthier, pasture-raised meats can also help improve people’s health and reduce the environmental damage associated with meat consumption.”

Five Worst Foods For the Environment:

1. Lamb, especially loin

2. Beef – choose grass-fed and lean meats to reduce your impact on the environment

3. Cheese (this one shocked me! Total bummer!) - Less dense cheese (such as cottage) results in fewer greenhouse gases since it takes less milk to produce it... read more

Grow Some Herbs!

You can hardly get more green than gardening, right?  But, I'm always thinking about the cost of "going green," and there is some debate as to how cost-effective it is to grow your own vegetables.  For instance, in the book pictured below, an avid gardener details how his adventures in gardening led him to unwittingly grow tomatoes that cost him $64 a piece.

... read more

Is a CSA right for you?

The environmental benefits of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) are numerous.   From supporting small farms to lowering your carbon footprint to getting delicious locally grown food, CSAs are a great way to eat healthy and be green.

However, CSAs aren't right for every family.  Here are some good things to ask yourself before joining a CSA.... read more

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