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Eco-Friendly Nursery Furniture to Raise Your Baby in a Green Way

If you've gone green in other aspects of your life, it only makes sense to start your baby's life in an environmentally friendly manner. Not only can it help you feel good about the values you're instilling in your child, but it can also be safer and healthier for the baby to be surrounded by green items.... read more

Simple Green Practices Children Can Do at Home


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As we all know, going green is widely promoted today in an effort to save the planet. That is why a lot of people exert notable effort to show their support on this initiative. In different places, such as schools, workplaces, private establishments, public areas and at home, green awareness is a critical issue being discussed. 



But green campaign is not just for adults. Even little children can take part in this campaign. In their own little ways, their small efforts can make a big difference in the environment. All it takes is proper guidance and lots of patience to impart the true meaning of this advocacy. There is no better place to learn green campaign than at home. Thus, it is wise to teach simple green practices right in your own dwelling - which children consider as safe haven.... read more

Litter-Free Lunch BACK-TO-SCHOOL Giveaway!

Yes, it's that time again!  It's our GREEN BACK-TO-SCHOOL giveaway!!  We have teamed up with our awesome friends at New Wave Enviro!  

Say good-bye to brown-bagged lunches, Ziplocs, and other single-use lunchtime products this year and go litter-free with the Litter-Free Lunch Kit!   This fantastic Litter-Free Lunch Kit contains an insulated lunch box, a beverage container, and 4 snack/sandwich containers.  I have one myself and I absolutely love it.  We use it for picnics, day trips, school, camping - you name it.  

This year, your kid can go back to school KEEN and GREEN by winning this fantastic lunch kit.  

Litter free lunch kit

Win a Litter-Free Lunch Kit!

Here are the giveaway rules:

1)  "LIKE" Keen for Green on Facebook.  

2)  "LIKE" New Wave Enviro on Facebook.  

3) Comment on New Wave Enviro's FB page telling them what your favorite product is on their website.    Go to New Wave Enviro's website to see their products.  

4)  Email [email protected] to let us know that you've become a fan of both and commented on New Wave's FB page.  ... read more

Eco-Friendly Baby Strollers: They Do Exist

A baby might be small, but they certainly need a lot of stuff to make their lives -- and their parents' lives -- a lot easier. New parents might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of baby products they buy and receive, and in some cases, slightly horrified by the impact the industry might have on the environment -- not to mention the safety of their baby.

Stay healthy while your baby stays safe in an eco-friendly baby stroller.

However, some companies recognize that a new life should add value to the planet, not damage it in any way, and have come out with lines of eco-friendly baby equipment, including strollers. Although there's no industry or federal standard for what constitutes an "eco-friendly" baby stroller, you can search for certain sustainable features. ... read more

A Greener Backyard

green backyardIt's summertime and we've been spending a lot of time in our backyard.  Especially with a toddler running everywhere, I've been thinking about ways to make our backyard a more eco-friendly place to spend time.  Here are some ideas:

- Use grass sparingly.  We do like to have some grass in our yard as it serves as a nice open playspace for our toddler, but we never use pesticides, we rarely water it (which, depending on your climate, may or may not be appropriate for you), and we mow it with a push mower.  Instead, plant gardens with native flowers and food you can eat.  When planning out your lawn, look into the different types of grass to see which is appropriate for you.

- Look for used backyard supplies.  You can often find great patio sets used (i.e. craigslist and Freecycle) and many of our backyard toys came from my favorite consignment shop: Kid to Kid.   Want something new?  Look for patio furniture made of eco-friendly materials.  ... read more

Play Green Stay Healthy: Eco-Friendly Toys for Kids

As parents, we spend a lot of time trying to keep them safe.   Who could have imagined that harmless toys would have ever presented a threat to the health and well being of our children?   The North American scare over lead paint and imported children's toys and the new awareness about standards of production (or the lack thereof in foreign countries) was enough to start a revolution.  Demand is consistently growing for eco... read more

Green Easter Baskets

My son is almost 5 and a half, and every year I have a blast putting his Easter basket together.  It's easy to fall into the trap of getting lots of cheap candy, plastic goodies from CVS, and stuffing the basket with Easter grass, but there are many tips for making an Easter basket just a little bit greener:

1.  Skip the Peeps and make some homemade goodies!

2.  Forget about Easter grass.  You don't need it.  We usually just skip it entirely, but some alternatives are shredded newspaper or some green yarn.... read more

Reusing Clementine Boxes

One of my favorite wintertime treats are clementines. The sweet satisfaction of eating candy with the nutrition of oranges. YUM!

reusing clementine boxes

Clementines often come in wooden crates. I hate to just throw out a nice wooden seems so wasteful, especially considering how many ways you can upcycle clementine crates!   Make sure to remove any staples from the boxes, especially if your children are going to be using them. ... read more

Going to School the Eco-Friendly Way

Would you be shocked to hear that the greenest ways of getting your kids to school are also the safest ways? Chances are that many parents either use public transport or use a car to transport their kids to and from school.  Getting your children to school safely on time everyday should be your first priority, but if you reply on transport which accounts for the second-biggest release of greenhouses gases you might be causing necessary damage to the environment.

The simple fact is that walking, biking, skateboarding or scooting to school every day will help you’re your child’s development. Obesity around the world is on the rise and if your children’s health can benefit from being more eco-friendly then why isn’t every parent that can do it not doing it?

One of the biggest influencers in the school transport system is the time management. Most parents do not have the time to create a healthy lunch for your child and have the time to walk to school before they start work.  Parents should consider walking at least once a week if the feel that their job and lifestyle is applies unnecessary stress to do it every day.... read more

5 Ways to Get Kids to Be More Eco-Friendly

Deciding to live a green lifestyle is easy for adults – you make the decision and then you execute it. But when you add kids into the mix you can quickly find yourself becoming a broken record of, “Turn off that light!” and “Do NOT throw that paper into the trashcan!” Kids, especially young ones, don’t quite grasp the necessity of living an eco-friendly lifestyle, and can have a hard time understanding why they can’t just throw away things in the trashcan like normal and instead have to take the time to evaluate what it is they’re throwing away. Instead of spending your time yelling at them to do things differently, try these five tactics for getting kids to be more eco-friendly:

1.       Make it easier. Instead of having a trashcan in the kitchen and keeping recycling bins in the garage, make it easier for kids by keeping recycling bins in the house. Consider buying a trashcan that has two compartments – one for trash and one for recyclables. Keep two small trashcans in bathrooms and bedrooms so that kids can put trash in one and paper products in the other. When it’s out in the open it’s much easier to remember to separate trash then it is when they have to walk out to the garage to toss recycling items into their appropriate bins. ... read more

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