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Litter Free Lunch by New Wave Enviro

Review Summary
Great Products
Eco-friendly resuable products
Expensive, but overall worthwhile for many

I'm very excited to be reviewing the Litter Free Lunch products from New Wave Enviro.  

I'm a big proponent of the waste-free lunch.  Whenever possible, it's important to avoid anything that's single use - Ziplocs, snack baggies, brown paper bags, juice boxes, soda cans, water get the picture.  This Litter Free Lunch kit can help.  Here's what it comes with:... read more

Tinted Stainless Steel Food Container with Divider from New Wave Enviro

Review Summary
Durable, nifty little divider.
Waste-free, stainless steel
A little expensive, but well worth it because it's not plastic.

This is a really nifty little stainless steel divided food container.  It's super durable and I love stainless steel.  

I am phasing out our old plastic food containers (and I never use them in the microwave, BPA-free or not) -- they really get gross after a while, they "pill" and they don't hold up well.   I love glass and stainless steel, but when my toddler and I are on the go, glass isn't always terribly practical.   It's heavy and breakable.  We also love our reusable sandwich bags but for some things (like crackers or cereal bars) they just get crushed in my bag.  Stainless steel is where it's at!  ... read more

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