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all-purpose cleaner

NewLeaf Clean All Purpose Cleaner

Review Summary
Extremely effective...even for big kitchen messes!
Full ingredient disclosure, easily recyclable containers.
Good price for a big bottle

newleaf clean

Last week I interviewed Sarapage Bauguss, Co-founder, President, and Creator of NewLeaf Clean.  Over the last few days, I had the opportunity to try out NewLeaf Clean's All Purpose Cleaner.

I was actually blown away by how powerful this cleaner is.  My stovetop was kind of a mess and this cleaner removed all of the gunk with barely any elbow grease necessary.  It worked great on my counters, too.  ... read more

Seventh Generation Multi-Surface Cleaner

Review Summary
Excellent all-purpose cleaner, lemongrass thyme smell is very strong, though
All ingredients disclosed, EPA registered
Reasonably priced

Great multi-purpose cleaner.  Not for the heavy duty stuff, but perfect for wiping down the counters, my son's high chair, the kitchen table, etc.  I use it so frequently that I don't even bother putting it sits right next to the kitchen faucet so I can grab it whenever necessary!... read more

Bon Ami All-Purpose Cleaner

Review Summary
Excellent cleaner for wiping down the kitchen sink, counters, table, etc.
Non-scary ingredient list, recycled/recyclable packaging, phosphate-free
Only about three bucks for 25 oz!

bon ami cleaner review

This is currently the go-to cleaner in my kitchen.  It truly is an all-purpose cleaner.  It's great for high chairs, kitchen counters, the sink, the stove.  It even worked on the sticky icky spilled beer on the stove top from when my husband was homebrewing!  Very few spray cleaners do that.

While not as heavy duty as Bon Ami's Liquid Cleanser, it still packs a punch.  I used the Free and Clear, so it has no fragrances.  It also comes in tangerine thyme.  However, I've used Bon Ami's tangerine thyme scented products before, and they smell great. ... read more

Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-Surface Wipes

Review Summary
Great for a quick cleanup of the kitchen or bathroom
All ingredients disclosed, EPA registered
Reasonably priced

Love this!  It's funny, because I initially hated the smell.  It's a strong lemongrass thyme scent, and I couldn't stand it.  But after using these a few more times, I actually grew to love it.  It's perfect for those small household wipe-downs.  I use it on the baby's high chair, the counters, you name it.

These kinds of wipes are typically not the greenest option, but they sure are convenient.  The thing I like about Seventh Generation is that they make greener alternatives to products that are not ordinarily green.  So, if you're going to buy wipes, buy these!... read more

Simple Green Naturals Multi-Surface Care: Lemon Verbana Scent

Review Summary
Perfect for wiping up simple spills in the kitchen or wiping down the bathroom sink
Eco-friendly packaging and ingredients (with full ingredient disclosure)
Good price

I previously reviewed the Simple Green Naturals Carpet Care.   Next, I tried the Simple Green Multi-Surface Care.  It has the same eco-friendliness as the carpet cleaner, such as being water based and not containing chlorine.

One thing I also like about the Simple Green Naturals line is that they have a full ingredient list on the label.  This can make or break a "green" product to me, because when a product labeled as green or natural, if it doesn't have a full ingredient disclosure, it makes me think that the company has something to hide.  Simple Green Naturals is open and honest.... read more

Bon Ami Liquid Cleanser

Review Summary
Got rid of the tomato saucy MESS all over our stove!
A short, simple ingredient list that Bon Ami is very transparent about
Excellent prices

Bon Ami is truly the original green cleaner.  It's been around for 120 years, which is awesome...this ain't no 21st century greenwashing here.  Back in those days, people weren't using harsh chemicals to clean things.  They were using simple ingredients, which is exactly what Bon Ami does.  Their ingredient list is simple and relatively short!   Their containers are also either recyclable or made from recycled materials.  

We've been canning our own marinara sauce like crazy these days, which is fun, but messy.  I let the splattered marinara sauce sit on the stove overnight so I could test the Bon Ami Liquid Cleanser on it the following morning.

OK, so that's the Bon Ami bottle and the marinara sauce with some of the liquid cleanser on top of it.... read more

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Surface Scrub - Geranium

Review Summary
Effective, effective, effective!
Made with oxygen bleach, no chlorine, no phosphates!
A few more bucks than its non-green counterparts

At the risk of sounding totally gross and revealing the fact that I am horrible at keeping house, we had some olive oil build-up on the counter next to the stove.  We had a leaky olive oil container, and I'd clean it sort of half-heartedly, and before I knew it, we had a sticky, olive oily mess.  When I got the Mrs. Meyer's surface scrub, I figured that the olive oil gunk would put the scrub to the test.

The verdict?  My counter is olive oil free.  This is far more effective than using the baking soda/vinegar mixture that I fall back on, yet it isn't as toxic or stinky as Comet or Ajax.  ... read more

Method Cucumber All-Purpose Spray Cleaner

Review Summary
Moderately effective, but the scent is overpowering and artificial smelling
Not as green as they make themselves seem
More expensive than similar products (i.e., Seventh Generation)

Method products have sleek packaging and branding and they're available almost everywhere these days, touting themselves as an eco-friendly alternative to cleaning products.  They're extremely popular, too.  Unfortunately, don't count me among the people who love Method.  After trying their cucumber all-purpose spray, I was not impressed.

I couldn't stand the smell.  It was overpowering and awfully artificial smelling for a "natural" product.  It was effective enough, but I just couldn't get past the smell.  

While it is biodegradable and nontoxic, when putting the brand into the Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic Safety Database, the results were less than impressive.  See the results here.   (This website is an excellent resource, by the way)... read more

Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaner

Review Summary
Effective all-purpose cleaner
Non-toxic, biodegradable, and no harsh scents, but not organic.
More expensive than most common all-purpose cleaners (i.e., 409) but worth a few extra bucks.

I use Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaner all over the house.  I clean the kitchen counters with it, I clean the stove with it, I clean the bathroom with really IS for all purposes!  It cuts through dirt, grease, name it.  

It doesn't have a scent at all, which some people may or may not like.  I like it, though, because I find that many cleaners (even ones that claim to be all natural such as Method) have an overly strong smell.  ... read more

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