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Tinted Stainless Steel Food Container with Divider from New Wave Enviro

Review Summary
Durable, nifty little divider.
Waste-free, stainless steel
A little expensive, but well worth it because it's not plastic.

This is a really nifty little stainless steel divided food container.  It's super durable and I love stainless steel.  

I am phasing out our old plastic food containers (and I never use them in the microwave, BPA-free or not) -- they really get gross after a while, they "pill" and they don't hold up well.   I love glass and stainless steel, but when my toddler and I are on the go, glass isn't always terribly practical.   It's heavy and breakable.  We also love our reusable sandwich bags but for some things (like crackers or cereal bars) they just get crushed in my bag.  Stainless steel is where it's at!  ... read more

Earthwise Reusable Mesh Produce Sacks

Review Summary
Reusable produce bags
Can replace plastic produce bags at the grocery store
$1.99 for a 3 pack!

reusable produce bags

These reusable produce bags are awesome.  I had been on the look-out for mesh produce bags for a while, and I was so excited to find them at my local Star Market.  

A lot of people -- even greenies -- don't think about purchasing reusable bags specifically for produce.   In an effort to reduce plastic use in our lives, reusable produce bags can make a big difference.  ... read more

Blake's Farmhouse Macaroni and Cheese

Review Summary
Delicious, reasonable in terms of calories
Pasta is organic, but since it's frozen it does have plastic wrap and a non-recyclable cooking tray
Reasonably priced

Since I telecommute, I like to keep some frozen meals in the freezer that I can easily heat up for lunch.  Last week at Whole Foods, I saw these little boxes of frozen mac and cheese.  The price was right, the portion looked good for lunch, and they had a few different varieties.  I grabbed the Farmhouse Mac and Cheese and the Mac and Cheese with Chicken.

I decided to heat the Farmhouse Mac and Cheese in the oven and not the microwave, even though it took over a half hour.   It was worth the wait, and this was the most perfect and simple comfort food on a dreary March day.... read more

Tea Lover's Eco Cup

Review Summary
Great reusable mug
No need to use a paper cup on the go
Good price and you can get a lot of use out of it.

I had been admiring these adorable mugs at my local Whole Foods for a while, but I didn't want to spend the money on myself.  I wound up getting one as a Christmas present for my cousin, while secretly wanting to keep it.   Luckily, my sister gave me one for Christmas, so I got one anyway!

It's a neat little cup.  It's great for any hot beverage, but what makes it particularly good for tea is that the little tea pot thingy that you can see in the picture is for positioning the tea bag string in place.  ... read more

Earth's Best Organic Elmo Ravioli

Review Summary
Tastes disgusting
Organic, but the can contains BPA
An inexpensive and organic alternative if your kid likes Chef Boyardee

To put it bluntly, this stuff was absolutely vile tasting.  I usually like Earth's Best kids food.  I think their mini-waffles are really tasty, and their cheddar crackers are addictive.  But this ravioli...ugh.  I understand that it's not gourmet food, and it's really just Earth's Best's answer to Chef Boyardee, but it was unbelievably bad.

I bought it to give to my toddler, Isaac, in case I had to whip something up in a pinch.  A few nights ago, my husband and I were scrounging up some leftovers for dinner so I made this can of ravioli for the kiddo to go with some leftover vegetables.  Isaac loves cheese ravioli.   As soon as I opened the can, I knew this was a bad idea.   The smell of the sauce made me gag and when I took a bite I almost spit it out.  I thought maybe Isaac would still like it, so I gave him some.

Isaac fed himself a piece, grimaced, and pulled it out of his mouth and threw it on the floor.  Then every single piece on his high chair tray was tossed on to the floor as well.  ... read more

Annie's Simply Organic Macaroni & Cheese

Review Summary
A cheap meal!

Sometimes I crave the junk food of my childhood, even if it's kind of gross.  I loved Kraft Mac and Cheese as a kid and most organic varieties of boxed mac and cheese just didn't do it for me.  I tried all of the Annie's varieties and while they were good, they didn't satisfy my craving of the old-fashioned boxed mac and cheese...until I found this one.  It takes me back to my childhood, without all of the gross ingredients associated with typical boxed macaroni and cheese. The ingredient list is refreshingly short.   I also gave some to my nine month old, and he loved them as well.  ... read more

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