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Extreme Solar Flares And Window Tinting Protection Against UV Radiation

The need for installing solar control window tinting to protect against harmful UV radiation has never been more urgent. 

In May 2013, the sun emitted three significant solar flares in under 24 hours, the final eruption in the trio being the strongest of the 16 flares seen this year with particles erupting at a staggering 745 miles per second. 

Extreme solar events are believed to occur only once about every 100 years. The current activity began in late 2012 with the sun’s 22 year magnetic energy cycle coinciding with its 11 year peak in intense sun spot activity. 

Records suggest that 1859 was the last time a huge flare affected the earth when eye witness reports claimed a large proportion of the sky was covered in a bright red haze.... read more

Window Tinting In The Age Of Climate Change

Heads are always likely to turn when a luxury market automobile sporting tinted windows glides silently down the high road. Yet, many of the owners of these vehicles have turned to window tinting not just as a vanity project but for very real and practical reasons – to protect themselves from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV light. 

Climate change has become a key issue around the world. The extremes of weather at different times of the year have also begun to exert an influence upon how we now think about protecting our own homes. 

Properties with a southern exposure can be particularly intolerable during the summer months and yet can also be far too cold in the winter, especially at night. It is often mistakenly assumed that window tinting decreases available light levels but the reality is that window tinting is designed to reduce glare and there are endless different darkness levels that can be customised to personal preference. ... read more

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