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Why Is It Important To Recycle Your Electronics?

Electronics are constantly developing in technology and are becoming increasingly replaceable as new models become available on the market. For example, mobile technology has taken enormous advances even in the last five years! The idea of accessing so much content on-the-go was unthought-of and although this technology is incredibly useful to us; it always has a dramatic effect on the environment and the world we live in. Statistics show that over 2 million tons of unused electronic devices are disposed of each year and approximately 128 million phones are discarded every year. By recycling your unused equipment you are keeping the toxins out of landfill and this benefits the environment. 

First and most importantly it is essential that you delete everything that is on your electronic device. Laptops or PC’s can easily store bank details so it is vital that you wipe your hard drive.  Batteries can be handed into local PC hardware stores and placed into special battery bins. 

Another option is to donate your wiped devices to a local charity, school or non-profit organisation. Make certain that the equipment is in workable order and that the device is safe. With over 90% of technology being recyclable there is certainly no excuse to recycle what you don’t need! 

Over the years technology manufactures have become increasingly eco-conscious over how their devices run, how much power they use and their effects on the surrounding environment. The software on many laptops and PC’s now run energy saving power options which should be implemented by the user. Newer devices are more sustainable especially freezers and fridges which are known to give off dangerous greenhouse gases. 

Recycling equipment also has considerable economic benefits. By re-using product the cost of production will decrease and this benefits the consumer and manufacturer. However, this is only a longer term plan and it cannot happen overnight. 

If you are unsure where to dispose your electronics then it is wise to head to your local PC store or a landfill site where you can ask a professional who will give you the correct information and guidance.