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Where have all the fireflies gone?

As a little kid in a sorta rural area of New Jersey, I loved fireflies.  We'd catch 'em in jars, watch them light up, and set them free.  I moved to California (where they don't have fireflies) in 1997, and then back to the Northeast in 2004.  Since moving back here, I've seen very few fireflies.  At first I thought that maybe Massachusetts was too far north to have fireflies, but even when traveling down to New Jersey or New York, I saw few fireflies.  I kept wondering why.  What happened to all the fireflies?

Today, I stumbled upon a website about the lack of fireflies.  It's true, firefly populations are indeed declining.  I learned that fireflies did typically live in Massachusetts.  (Read about where they live)  But why?  And what can we do about it?

Currently, the Museum of Science (MoS) in Boston has launched a project called Firefly Watch along with Tufts University and Fitchberg State University.  

MoS has a website listing the different possible environmental factors.   Could it be fertilizer?  Light pollution?  Maybe.  

Let's help MoS get to the bottom of this.  Sign up to participate in their Firefly Watch.  


My favorite part of

My favorite part of childhood, hands down. It's been hard for me to find many to catch with my nephew these days. Sad to hear this isn't just a local trend.

It really is very sad!  And

It really is very sad!  And it's happened so fast, too.  

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