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What Can I Grow in My Hydroponic Garden?

hydroponic tomatoesToday I am continuing my brief series about hydroponic gardening.  

Earlier this week, I blogged about why hydroponic gardening is eco-friendly.  If that got you interested in starting your own hydroponic garden, you might also be wondering what kinds of crops you can grow hydroponically.  

At first, I thought that there was a limit to what you can grow in a hydroponic garden.   But I'm happy to say that I was wrong!

Surprisingly, you can grow almost anything in a hydroponic garden!   Here's a brief list of common hydroponic crops.


- Asparagus

- Beans

- Berries

- Broccoli

- Brussel Sprouts

- Cabbage

- Cauliflower

- Cucumber

- Eggplant

- Herbs

- Lettuce

- Peas

- Small fruit trees, like dwarf citrus trees

- Squash

- Tomatoes

You can grow crops like potatoes, yams, and carrots, but those are a little tricker to grow in a hydroponic garden, but it's still possible.  Tomatoes are probably the most common hydroponic crop.  Tomatoes not only taste great from hydroponic gardens, but they also produce more fruit AND ripen quicker.  

 How amazing is it that you can grow your own fruits and veggies indoors year round?  We've grown hydroponic herbs using the Aerogarden, and having fresh homegrown basil at our fingertips in the dead of a New England winter is just incredible.