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Things You Can Compost

potato peels are compostableAre you new at composting?  Or are you a long-time composter unsure of what exactly you can compost?  I've been composting for about 6 or 7 years now and it has really helped my garden thrive.    At first, I was being very conservative with what I'd throw in the compost bin, but after a while I realized that there were a lot more I could be composting.

Here are some common household items that you can compost.  Some might be obvious, but some of these might come as a surprise!  

- Apple and pear cores and skin

- Banana peels

- Cage cleanings from housepets such as birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.

 - Bread crust

- Latex balloons


- Ripped up boxes.  This is a great solution to boxes soiled by grease, such as pizza boxes, that you can't recycle.  

 - Citrus rinds

- Coffee grounds

- Cotton swabs (Q-tips) but only if the sticks are cardboard. The sticks are often plastic, so make sure they are indeed cardboard before you compost.  

- Dryer lint

- Egg shells

- Paper napkins, paper towels, and even the paper towel roll.  


- Freezer burnt frozen veggies or fruit.  

- Grape vines

- Grass clippings, leaves, pine needles

- Hair clippings

- Houseplant trimmings

- Matches

- Nail clippings -

- Pencil shavings

- Pet fur

- Popcorn - popped and unpopped

- Popsicle sticks

- Stale carbs - potato chips, cookies, pasta, bread, cereal

- The stuff from your vacuum bag and things that you sweep up

- Tea bags

- Tissues (even used ones!)

- Wooden toothpicks, but not plastic.

- Vegetable scraps, like potato peels, etc.  

- Wine and beer that has gone bad

- Used cotton balls

- Loofahs

- Old cotton or wool clothes, but make sure it cut it up first!

- Potpourri