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Sustainability Considerations When Using Self Storage

Self storage can be a Godsend for many people looking to move house, improve their existing home or just give themselves more space in the house. Many people are finding that they are running out of space at home, with cupboards and attics filled to the max, and self storage offers a better way to make their homes work for them, whilst still keeping hold of the things that they love. 

However, with so many storage companies to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is best. If you are generally an environmentally conscious human being, the green credentials of your home and business will be high on the list of priorities for you, but what makes them truly eco-friendly? Here are some key elements to watch out for when you are looking for environmentally friendly storage services.

1. Insulation
Insulated containers or storage rooms have dual benefits for you and for the storage company. Better insulation means the temperature is more easily regulated, leading to fewer requirements for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer for the maintenance of an even temperature for your good. Units with no insulation are more prone to dampness and condensation, and could end up damaging your belongings, so look for well insulated storage offers to find the best for you and for the planet.
2. Lighting

In any area of industry, lighting is one of the highest carbon and financial costs. Modern storage units often use low energy lighting (if you’re not sure, ask the company, as they should know if they have invested in upgrades) which will not only light the building for less, but also reduce the heat generated by the lighting, which can add to the need for cooling in the building. If your storage unit is accessible 24/7, the company should be using motion sensitive lighting in the corridors of the building, to save having lights blazing away day and night.

3. Renewables
In this modern day and age, there are enough financial incentives around to make investing in renewable energy an economical choice for any self storage company. Look for companies that are using solar PV to generate their electricity or have other investments in renewable energy in their portfolio.

4. The building
Self storage comes in two distinct flavors – the companies that have refurbished or re-purposed an existing warehouse or building to use for storage, and those that have built new building from the ground up specifically for the purpose of their business. In general, the recycled building option is the more environmentally friendly choice, but bear in mind new buildings are built o much higher environmental specifications, so should offer better insulation, low energy lighting and built in renewables as a standard.

5. Industry standards
The main environmental accreditation for any business in the UK is the ISO14001. All ‘green’ companies should have this as a minimum, but you may also find they hold additional certifications or awards for sustainable buildings, green business or general environmental standards. Ask about their accreditations and qualifications to give you some guidance on their general sustainability practices.


Suzan Hall is a professional writer. She covers various topic related to home, storage services and facilities. She loves to spends her time with family and friends.