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Stop Dunkin Donuts from Using Styrofoam

Dunkin Donuts Styrofoam cupsI've blogged in the past about how detrimental to the environment Styrofoam is and I've even blogged about how I wished Dunkin Donuts would stop using Styrofoam.  Almost two years after I wrote that blog post, Dunkin Donuts is STILL using those awful Styrofoam cups.  

I grew up in the Northeast with Dunkin Donuts all over the place.  Not gonna lie, I enjoy the occasional chocolate donut and I love their iced tea on a warm day.  But, each time I set foot in a Dunkin Donuts I feel my blood boil whenever I see their cups.  It's disheartening that they still haven't made strides to phasing out those cups.

Well, over the past few weeks, I teamed up with the good people at to create a petition urging Dunkin Donuts to STOP using Styrofoam cups.  

I'm asking all of our readers here at Keen For Green to please sign our petition:  Stop Dunkin Donuts Styrofoam.  

With Dunkin Donuts planning to expand into the West Coast in 2015 and opening over 300 new locations in 2013, the Styrofoam waste use is really going to add up.  Let's work together to urge them to clean up their act!

Please help us get this petition to go viral!  Post it on your social networks and forward to friends.  America Runs on Dunkin?  Well, maybe more people will support them if they offer more sustainable disposable cups.