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Solar Panels for Your Home: Do it Yourself Solar Versus Factory Panels

If you are exploring solar panels for your home, you may have come across your two installation panel options: Factory produced solar panels or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Panels. While at first it might seem like building the panels yourself will save you a lot of money, when you crunch the numbers it may not make too much sense.

Total Expense of a DIY Solar Panel: $202 for a 60-watt panel ($3/watt) (plexiglass, plywood, solar cell kit, peg board, caulking, junction box, frame, diodes)

Total Cost of Factory Created Panels: $4-8/ watt.

Other Factors to consider:- You probably won't be able to connect to the power grid (at least in the US)- You won't have the 25 year warrantee that comes with commercially produced solar panels- Your insurance company won't cover any damages that occur due to malfunctions- (Here's the big one...) You won't qualify for state or federal tax rebates/incentives.

DIY solar panels may not be your best choice if you want solar panels for your house and want a system that is safe, reliable, qualifies for rebates and will really cut your electricity bills.

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