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Small Australian Town Banned Bottled Water

In 1998, Americans drank about 4 billion gallons of bottled water.  Can you guess how many gallons of bottled water Americans chugged in 2008?  8.6 billion gallons.

In recent years, there's been a bit of a bottled water backlash, and rightfully so when you consider the waste builds up from these bottles.  In 2009, the first community in the world stepped forward and banned the sale of bottled water.

Bundanoon, a rural Australian town 100 miles outside of Sydney, banned the sale of bottled water after an almost unanimous approval of the measure at a town meeting last July.  Only 2 out of 356 people voted "no."  One of the people who voted no happened to be the director of the Australasian Bottled Water Institute, an organization represents the bottled water industry.

The ban was part of the Bundy On Tap campaign.   Jon Dee, one of the founders of the campaign said that "it's time for people to realize they're being conned by the bottled water industry."

Businesses in Bundanoon will sell reusable bottles that say "Bundy on Tap" and people are urged to either fill up at water fountains or at local businesses which offer cold, filtered tap water.

Currently, no other municipalities have banned bottled water, however Leeds University is working on phasing bottled water out by 2010

I'd like to see more communities follow suit.