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Russell Orchards in Ipswich, MA: Biodiesel Powered by Donuts

One of my favorite fall New Englandy activities is apple picking.  Today, my husband and I did our 6th annual day trip to Russell Orchards in Ipswich, Massachusetts.   We love Russell Orchards because they not only have lots and lots of apples and other kinds of fruit that they grow right there on their farm, but it's also a winery, there are adorable farm animals, and they make the tastiest apple cider donuts! 


While Russell Orchards isn't certified organic, they don't use any synthetics on their vegetables, blueberries, and strawberries, and on the rest of their crops they only use minimal chemicals just to repel the peskiest of pests. 

Today, as we took the hayride out to the orchards, I noticed the above sign hanging from the tractor:  "Donut Powered!"  The Biodiesel fuel is from the donut machine.  Maybe I should have eaten a few more donuts to help fuel the tractor!

A day trip to Russell Orchards is keen and green!  Support a local farm, pick some local fruit, drink some local wine, and eat one more cider donut.   Carpool with some friends or take the commuter rail from Boston. 



Eh? Donuts? Hahaha that's

Eh? Donuts? Hahaha that's just funny! Anyway thanks for sharing.. The place looks very beautiful and green.. Love it..


Erskine, Free Games Website

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