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Reusing Used Coffee Grounds

Reuse coffee groundsI don't drink coffee, but my husband does and he is always making a mess with those coffee grinds.  They ultimately end up in the compost bin, but not before they leave a trail all over the kitchen counters and sink.  But, after doing a little reading, I've learned that there are other things you can do with used coffee grounds.  Now I'm trying to respect those usually annoying coffee grounds, because they can be quite useful!

For instance...

You can fertilize plants with them!  Mix your seeds with used coffee grounds.  Apparently this will also help keep pests out of it.  Works best with carrots and radishes.  I'll have to try this next spring!


You can also repel cats with them.  To keep the neighborhood kitties from using your flower bed as a litter box, mix the used coffee grounds and used orange peels.  Spread them around the outside of your garden.  Sorry, kitties, go pee in another garden!

Keep your kitchen drain from smelling yucky.  About once a week, boil at least 5 cups of water in a pan or teapot.  Poor half a cup of used coffee grounds down the drain, followed by the hot water.

Remember how you can use baking soda to deodorize the air?  You can do the same with used coffee grounds!  Dry them out on a cookie sheet and then put them in some old pantyhose, then hang them in a closet or wherever you need some air freshening.  You can also freshen the air in a fridge this way.  Put the dried, used grounds in a plastic container, poke some holes in the lid, and let the coffee do its thing!

Use them as a scouring cleaner on pots and pans, like you'd use Comet or Ajax.

So, next time you make that cup o' joe, try some of those tips before composting or throwing them in the trash!