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Oregon Solar Tax Rebates and Incentives

Oregon Solar

The state of Oregon has always been at the front of the environmental movement in the United States. It can bee difficult to find good information on Oregon's solar incentives on the net (in my experience they send you from one site to another, without providing any real information).  So here are the basics. 

Currently the state offers a residential and business tax rebate as well as access to low-cost loans for homeowners interested in installing photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.

Residential tax credits are based on the size of your system.  You are credited $3/watt.  To get an idea of what this means in terms of real money keep in mind that the average system is 2-6 kilowatts and remember that there are 1,000 watts in every kw. So, for a 1kw system, you could be credited up to $3,000. The credit maxes out at $6,000 or 50% of the total cost (whichever is less).  While this is a larger total amount than in some other states, there is a catch:  You cannot claim more than $1,500 in any given year.  This means that you will receive the tax credit over several years (up to 5 years total). 

In order to be eligible for the refund, your system must be verified from someone from Oregon Dept. of Energy.

The state also offers a low-interest Energy Loan Program at the interest rate if the Oregon State Bond.  These are low-risk loans, so only qualified applicants will be approved. 

And don't forget your federal tax rebate, as well, which allows you to claim up to 50% of the total cost!

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